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Hello to all you wonderful ladies and gents out here in the blogosphere! I’m so happy to be back with another post with in a 6 month time frame. Lets just keep it real, that is A LOT for me. I’m what can be referred to as a part-time, part-time, almost none of the time, blogger……yeah let that sit for  a minute. LOL! But its a new year and I’m going to do my best to keep up, at least on a monthly basis.

Today I’m so excited to have teamed up with a fabulous group of bloggers and IG rock stars to share our Favorite Winter Decor. Okay, so anyone who knows me, knows that I loathe winter. I’m a summer girl through and through and always will be. I have no idea why I even exist on the East Coast, but that’s another story all together.  

Now even though, winter is my least favorite season, it’s has been the season that I enjoy dressing for. That’s because wearing a faux fur scarf in July looks strange to some people. I’m not saying I think it looks strange, but others may think so.  I love winter whites, and plaid prints and soft furry……stuff! Give me all the furry stuff there is!!!!!!!!  So in keeping in line with my love for these things, I’ve noticed that I’m also incorporating them into my home decor, and while I would never think of myself as a seasonal decorator, I do try to bring in bits and pieces of each season. We are in the midst of a mini-home makeover, so I only have one space that I am brave enough to share with you and I’m biting my nails even with this room. ( I don’t really bite my nails, that’s not very lady like)

So this is my living room or we can call it the “sitting room”. Yes, I like that – the sitting room, sounds so fauuunnncccy.  There is no lack of furry accessories in this space.

Exhibit #1: Two fabulous Nate Berkus feather pillows here :


Then we kick up our feet and rest them on this plush but surprisingly firm, winter white, faux fur ottoman from Target. 


I also keep a ton of candles on hand, because nothing says warm and cozy better than candlelight right? ( Okay, insert imagination here because I didn’t actually light the candles) LOL!

Again, even something as insignificant as a coffee table book, can be seasonal, such as this silver and white book. The design reminds me of snowflakes.


There are a few missing items in this space (aka – curtains LOL)  but it’s coming along. Once those have been decided upon, I think the room will be done. Well, not really done because we know spaces should keep evolving, but it’ll at least be medium/rare 🙂

Be sure and check out these other 8 incredibly talented ladies below as they too share their Favorite Winter Decor. 









See you all next month!



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  1. Well, you’ve made me feel warm and cozy in your fauuuuncy (giggles) living room. I’m a feather girl so you really caught my eye on this. I’m totally loving your winter space. and just a FYI side note.. I’m a JerseyGirl too! 🙂 (born and raised – but live in SC now)

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