Happy Monday part two, otherwise known as Tuesday . I’m over the top excited about today’s post; it’ll be one of many more to come, pinky promise. So myself and an amazing group of 12 bloggers have joined forces to tackle the space that we all love to hate……. the bathroom. Okay so hate may be dramatic, but you see where I’m going!

For starters, big, humongous thank you to Jewel Jewel Interiorsfor including me in this awesome blog hop. If you just stopped by Domicile37  then you know what a treat your in for with this hop! Her style is amazing and I’m waiting to see what she does.


So now let’s get to the not so pretty part of this post……… the bathroom. This is the teens bathroom that also doubles as the guest bathroom. I apologize to all my guests, but next time you’re over, it’ll be SO MUCH BETTER! Remember, pinky promise.


Its not a special room at all, it’s basic and essential but the buck stops there lol! Here are a few more before shots below

So I’m sure we’re all in agreement that something MUST be done! And that’s what this blog hop will do. I’m changing lives people, one towel bat at a time.

My Plans  are:

Paint walls

paint the cabinet

new lighting

new faucet

new hardware for cabinet

new mirror

So with that said, I have to say thank you in a big way to our amazing sponsors that Jewel was able to line up for our group; and while all of our products are FANTASTIC, opinions are completely my own.


Please be sure to hop on over to to visit my girl Kelly  Street Flea Style you’ll want to see her plans, her space is going to be gorgeous ! Thanks so much for hopping over and please be sure and come back next week to see all of our progress, it’s not to be missed!

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