Primp and Pamper Week 2- New Neutral Black


Well top of the morning to you and if you’ve made your way over here by way of Mary from  Mary Meyers Interiors– Welcome! Her bathroom walls are perfection, am I right?

Hopefully, you’re returning after last weeks post and are ready to see my progress so far and if you’re joining me for the first time, welcome! As per the post title, this is the second week of our Bathroom Primp and Pamper blog hop and things are moving SO quickly and so well, and I couldn’t be happier. A huge thank you to Jewel of Jeweled Interiors  for putting this wonderful group together and for sourcing our amazing sponsors, whose products are hands down UH-mazing however I assure you that all opinions are 100% my own. Thank you Jewel!!


If you recall last week I listed a few of the “to-do’s” that I wanted to have accomplished by our final (insert sad face here) week of the hop. Well I’m thrilled to have had a chance to paint the bathroom vanity!! Whoop Whoop…….dancin dancin dannnnccciinnnnn……only those of us of a certain age will get that song reference!

Back to the bathroom vanity; the wonderful Kellie Smith of Velvet Finishes was kind enough to sponsor the paint for the vanity project. The paint color I chose for this project is called Luxurious and it without a doubt, lives up to it’s name.  It’s a beautiful , smooth and as Kellie rightly describes it, neutral black.

Let me just tell you all a little something, I do not like to paint, I love its transitive power, however, I prefer someone else facilitate the transformation. But this paint….this paint is on another level; I was amazed with the results after just one coat. The paint goes on virtually streak-less and dries very quickly. When all is done, its texture is like….you guessed it! VELVET!

You can see how smooth a finish you’ll get with the paint and this was only one coat people!! It’s the little things that make my heart pitter patter 🖤🖤

The entire look of this vanity changed just by painting it black. The counter is no longer an eyesore for me.

Now let’s just take a moment  and feast our eyes on these beautiful Liberty Hardware  knobs OKAAYY!! I just can’t! And by I can’t, I mean I most certainly can and will. They are the perfect “accessory” and I love how they instantly update this pretty traditional piece.

So there’s the sneak peek of my Bathroom Primp and Pamper Week 2. I can’t wait to share more updates next Tuesday with all you lovely people! Head on over to This Is Our Bliss because I can guarantee you, you don’t want to miss her updates for the week. Also be sure to hop around and check out all of my talented blogger buddies and take a peek inside their beautiful bathrooms as well.

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  5. I too love smooth paint application, especially when it’s a gorgeous colour like this!

  6. I love your vanity!!! Wow, what a difference and that hardware looks so so good!

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    • I keep saying it, but this paint is life changing lol! The finish is perfect and curing time is super fast! Like minutes fast…… have to try it Corinna!

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