Primp and Pamper Week 3 – The Great Grey Wall


Well hello there! A big huge welcome and thank you for following along if you’re joining me from week 2 of our Bathroom Primp and Pamper blog hop, and thank you for coming over if you just left Domicile37 and all of her awesome art. Can you believe we are on week three and next week will be all of our big reveals??? Yeah, me either. Thank you to our fabulous host Jewel, of Jeweled Interiors  for putting this all together and for helping to make what is normally a 56 day month, seem like 10 days! Let’s hear it for the month of March being done and done and getting on to Spring!

Another big thank you to our sponsors for our bathroom primp and pamper! **Some of the items that are within this post have been sponsored but all opinions are mine and mine alone**


This week I really had to buckle down and get the walls in the teens bathroom painted. As I so heartily expressed last week, I do not enjoy painting at all. I love the end result, but the prep work  (most important part) is …..ughhh! Add to that, the fact that I’m not the most meticulous DIY’er, and it’s just too much for my decor heart to handle. That being said, the first coat is up and it’s not too bad. The color chosen is Glidden in Dark Grey Silk. I don’t normally use this brand of paint for projects, but I will say, I was pleasantly surprised with the coverage and color.


The second coat should seal the deal and then we can get on to the fun stuff, decorating!!!!

I recently picked up some cool accessories like this canister from CB2 and this soap dispenser. Also these super soft bath towels from Target in that great gray color below, along with this toothbrush holder in black.

Perfectly Soft Solid Bath Towel - image 1 of 1

I have yet to install my BEAUTIFUL light from Lamps Plus; you will have to wait for the big reveal to see it up in all of its glory. Let’s not forget the  gorgeousness that is my new runner to finish off the room.

There are a million little things that still have yet to be done, so needless to say, these next few days will be pretty busy.; however,  I’m super excited to see it all come together when all is said and done.

What I’m also super excited to see is Kelly of Street Flea Style week three bathroom update. I know for sure there are some beautiful colors happening over that way, so go check it out for yourselves.  Be sure to also check out all the wonderful bloggers below who have done some amazing things in the last 7 days!

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