One Room Challenge -Second Time Around- WEEK 1

Hey guys and dolls! It’s official, I’m going to give this another go and take part in the One Room Challenge this Spring. I’m very excited about working along with this talented interior decor group and even more excited about getting the teen-boy’s bedroom done and done!  Special thank you to Linda from Calling It Home for hosting and  giving all of the guest participants an outlet and opportunity to participate as well. 

 I’m on  a budget with this project so I’m going to have to get as creative as possible, which is always fun and challenging. He wants white walls, which I’m all for, nothing like a bright and airy room, especially when it’s a teenage boy;  I’ll take all the bright and airy that I can get. I’m thinking we’ll paint on a “headboard” to add some depth and break up the mostly, white walls.  Below are a few images that are serving as my inspiration for the makeover.

Modern Accent Wall


Black and Brown MidMod


Moody Man Cave


So there you have it! Please follow along to see the room progress over the next six weeks. It’ll be so good to have the new space finished for my Homebug!

(Ladybug you’re next HA!)

Also make sure you check out all the other guest One Room Challenge guest participants over these next few weeks for all the decor makeover inspiration!


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