One Room Challenge -The Halfway Point -Week 3


So we’re officially at the half way point of the One Room Challenge and I am officially in full on panic mode – wooooossssaaaaaaa! Feel free to catch up with whats been going on during week 1 and week 2 of the challenge here.

It was an extremely busy week and I didn’t get as  much done in the room as I’d hoped I would. I did however select some awesome products for the makeover. I want to share with you all but then I also love the element of surprise….so I’m torn. Okay who am I kidding, I’m still waiting on deliveries and I just CAN’T share, because I would totally show you all the goodies if I had them on hand lol!

The teen and I have selected a gorgeous new light fixture and I’m pretty certain that the husband is very excited about having to install it, almost 100% certain of that. We’ve also selected his new headboard and I may be more excited about that than he is…….he is a 16 year old boy so this really isn’t his “thing” but that’s what mama is for!

The rest is paint,  this wallpaper from Milton and King that I want to wrap my entire home in because it’s just that beautiful as well as some cheap and or free art for the walls. I’m a lamp collector (a/k/a hoarder),  so I plan to shop my home for additional lighting for the space.

Window coverings have me stumped in the worst way. He does not want curtains and if you could see the condition of the current curtains that are in the room, you’d agree with that decision as well. I’ll either go the way of window shades or blinds that are extremely budget friendly because again, we’re talking about a 16 year old here! My wallet will let me know in a few days what exact window treatment we’ll use in the room.809bedd3-d083-47e7-964a-9400e1e2d9aa_4.b7c32ccc7cdceded5af53674cf92b799[1]

So there you have it! ORC Week 3 update is done and done. This entire process has been so much fun and I must thank Linda from Calling It Home as well as the One Room Challenge™ Media Partner, House Beautiful, for making it all possible. Go check out all of the 2018 Spring Participants as and all the other guest participants and see what updates they have for you this week!

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  1. He’s a lucky guy to have his Mom create a new room for him-that wallpaper is great too! Best of luck for the rest of ORC!

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