Welcome back for the sixth and final week of the One Room Challenge. I have to start this party out by giving a big HUGE thank you to Linda of Calling it Home who organizes this amazing group of home decor fanatics, ehmmm,  I mean, enthusiasts 🙂

Also to House Beautiful and to Old Home Love,  our media partners.

The Spring One Room Challenge was my first go at this and to say it has been nothing but fun is an understatement and I’m gearing up for the Fall challenge! ( do not hold me to that……….I simply said, I’m gearing up, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here!)

**Some of the items used were sponsored however, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.**

Now let’s get to it!

It’s hard to believe that six weeks have come and gone and in that time, this teen boy room has taken on a new life. Decorating a baby or young childs room is the best. They usually go with your design flow and are pretty much happy if you’re happy. Decorating a teenage boys room………..well now folks that’s a completely different beast. Now try decorating for a teenage boy with an OPINION……..I know, you’re clutching your pearls too! The nerve of him to have a vision for his space……the madness of it all! Who raised you??

The teenager said he wanted a minimalist look for his room………really? No, seriously,  please tell me who raised you?? Minimalist is not a style that I’m drawn to naturally, we had to meet somewhere in the middle……….and I think we did just that.

Check out his room before the overhaul.

And here’s a look at what we came up with together over the past six weeks……

I can’t get enough of this light fixture from Lamps Plus. 😍 It’s so perfect for the space and it was a cinch to install ( at least it looked that way while I watched the husband get it done)!

The acrylic side table from Lamps Plus has a piece of my heart! I look at it everyday and wonder if I should just go ahead and take it for my self……….It looks like it’s currently out of stock on the site, but here is one that is very similar.

I’ve had my eye on this eyeglasses holder for forever and this makeover was the perfect reason to go ahead and bring it home. Here’s to no more smushed glasses because they were on the bed.

I keep saying that my ” collecting” tendencies are more of a blessing than a curse. I bought these two shelves last year when I first attempted to redo this room; needless to say I never used them because the room was ever completed – or started for that matter 🤦🏾‍♀️ I just happened to stumble upon them yesterday.

They meshed seamlessly with the design of the room! So now there is solid and visual proof that my shopping and collecting habits are necessary.

The pencil holder and monkey figure, were gifts from Africa and we finally found a way to use them and display them as they should be.

Oh, hey there gorgeous light, there you are again!

My good friend, Holli told me about this amazing wallpaper from Milton and King; the selections are massive but when I found this brick I knew this was the one!

At this point, I’ll give you all a moment to adjust your eyes and take it all in. I know, it’s unbelievable! But wait, it installs like a dream to boot!

The original plan for a headboard was painting one on the wall……I thought it was a great idea……. until I saw this navy beauty. It almost looks as if it’s made of dark denim, which I thought was perfect for a boys room.

The campaign desk was siting in my garage for 6 years, I know don’t judge me, especially after we’ve already concluded that my ” collecting ” tendencies are a GIFT! It wasn’t until I finally brought it upstairs that I discovered that the hardware was chrome and not brass; see how it all just works out in the end?!

I’m so happy with the way this space came together and the teenager is also! He’s been nagging me to redo his room for about 2 years now and this challenge was just the right amount of motivation I needed to get it all done and done. I’m also thrilled that it’s been documented because I’m pretty certain that by next week at this exact time and hour, the room won’t look quite the same due to the inevitable teenage tornado.

If you want to catch up on the progress from the previous weeks please click below:

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Thanks again to my fantastic sponsors who have helped me bring this room to the finish line and also because I can now walk past the room and not cringe! Don’t forget to check out all the other One Room Challenge reveals. I promise you you’ll be beyond inspired.T-

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