Hello and how are you? Thanks so much for hopping over; your visit is most appreciated 🙂 So let’s get down to the business and the reason you’re here. Last Tuesday 8 bloggers revealed their newly refreshed spaces for the NYNR challenge hosted by the lovely Stephanie of casawatkinsblog. She is the mastermind behind this fun challenge that helps set the year off in decor! Yes my friends, she sets it off!!!!!!!! ( some of you won’t get that cinematic reference at all and I just realized that I may be spilling the tea about my age just a bit)

Anyway, back to the reason you stopped by – I understand it’s not for my extraordinary writing style, but more for the long-awaited teen girl bedroom reveal. I talked about it a lot on the gram but it was very hard to work around her being home and me not being home when the sun was up (sad right; I should start a go fund me account so I can quit my job)

Some items in this room have been sponsored and a huge thank you to those wonderful companies! All my opinions are my own and I love everything that has been used to create this teen girl blush bedroom!

All that said, here are some before pics

The cute pup and this beautiful armoire were all that we kept from the original room.

Here is the mood board created for the room inspiration. Of course as its inspirational some items were used and some were not. Now that’s not to say I won’t try to find a way to incorporate some in the future.

Here is what we came up with together………………

She really wanted bright, white walls and I was completely on board with that; however, we both also love the look of navy walls so this accent wall made sense.

The Art:

The art is a favorite find of mine. One of my special friends and I frequent the most amazing rummage sale and we spotted this beautiful painting. I ALMOST left it but she was kind enough to go back and snag it for me. At the time I had no plans for what I wanted to do with it but I knew I had to have it.

It was the perfect scale for her wall seeing as she didn’t want a lot of art. ( I’m really starting to question how good of a job I’ve done raising my children as their design decisions really boggle my mind)

The Furniture:

Moving along……….. these side tables are two of my favorite pieces in the room. I loved the size and shape so much. So simple and modern but also fun.


I was able to “sneak” in one cool pic on the side table. Another one of my decor buddies introduced me to a very cool website, Unsplash where you can find thousands of pictures from talented artist and its VERY budget friendly. My daughter writes and composes music, so when I came across this pretty pink picture of albums, I knew this would definitely be a part the decor. I may enlarge it in the future because it’s too cool not to have a larger presence in her space. The frame was a Dollar Tree find ( don’t sleep on Dollar Tree people) The gold trim and simple lines make it look much more expensive than, well……..$1.00 🙂

The Lights:

Que LIGHTS!!!!  This beauty is a classic. Again, my daughter isn’t a fussy one, she prefers simple and modern, well, Lamps Plus nailed it with this beauty. The name says it all It is called the Simple Chrome by George Kovacs…..see it was meant to be 🙂 I love the huge selection that Lamps Plus provides, couple that with amazing customer service and super quick shipping and you have yourself a winning combination.



The Bedding:

I feel like I need to do a separate post just about the bed and bedding alone. There is so much going on there, but my girl is my girl and she is okay with the pillow overload. You can’t tell from this picture, but those sheet are blush with metallic gold specks……LOOOVVEEE!

They are so pretty and in the bedding post, I’ll be sure to focus in on them because they’re so pretty and I want you to see that they’re so pretty!  I did mention that I think they’re pretty, pretty?


The Paint:

I mentioned on Instagram in my stories and feed that I’d be using one of my favorites paints for the desk.  We knew we wanted a bright, white desk, preferably wood. Well this mama does not sand furniture……but this mama does not need to sand furniture because I use Velvet Finishes paint! When I tell you this paint is like a  Genie in a bottle, I tell you no lies! It’s a simple three step process: spray your furniture with Ready, allow to dry, then paint, our color of choice was Minimalist and to finish, brush on the Protect! Bada bing, bada boom! Done and done!  You’re left with hands down one of the smoothest and most velvety (another made up, but very real to me, word) finishes you will ever see without having to put in major prep work beforehand.



The Windows:

Let’s talk curtain rods please. You all know my love for anything lucite runs about as deep as my love for all things brass…….put them together and we are cooking with fire. These rods were a splurge, but so very worth it, I didn’t even bat a lash when I landed on them. They are my version of perfection.


The Finishing Touches:

All spaces should have a few unique and fun items in it, just conversation pieces. Well I for a reason even unknown to me, wanted the iconic Jeff Koons Dog Balloon figurine. Not the real one folks, let’s not get crazy here, but I figured I could find a “knock off” somewhere. Well I did and at one of the most unexpected places…….DOLLAR TREE! Say waaahhhhaahhattt? I know right? It’s tiny and cute, but it’s the right amount of unique for my girl.

So there you have it. All in all, the ladybug is happy with the room, the cute pup is happy with the room and the mama is happy with the room. It’s a very pretty, young adult girl room. Soothing and calm, but still young and fun. Just like my girl ( most days- she is a teenager after all)

Now….. I’m going to clean my house! Why is it that when ONE room is being done, the entire house takes a hit????? It makes no sense at all lol!!!!! Thanks so much for stoppin over!

Hugs and Love!











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  1. Your daughter’s room came together beautifully! I love what you did to the wall behind her bed. I would have a hard time climbing out of a bed as gorgeous as hers. All that texture, layers and fun patterns. I also love that her desk is facing the window. Awesome makeover, momma!

  2. Wow!! This is a beautiful room!! I love the design on the navy wall… ..the curtains and rods are excellent! The painting was the perfect touch. Great job

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