Spring 19’One Room Challenge- Week 1 – Cleaning Things Up!


I don’t know about you, but I’m beyond thrilled that winter has come and gone and Spring is upon us! It’s one of my favorite seasons as everything seem so fresh and new again. Speaking of fresh and new, the Spring One Room Challenge is also upon us and for the next six weeks, we have the  grand ole privilege of following along with all of the featured designers and guest participants, as they transform a particular room or rooms, in their homes and turn them into something fresh and new!!!! Are you excited?!! I know I am……it could also be the fact that I’m a bonafide décor voyeur and love seeing how other people live and how they create beautiful spaces in their own homes. Special shout out to Linda of Calling It Home and also to the official Media Partner of this years One Room Challenge, Better Homes and Gardens!

My space of choice this year is the laundry room! I know, now that is not very exciting at all. That is definitely the room we all have to utilize but we all stay out of and away from until it is absolutely necessary. Well it is my mission for this challenge to turn that feeling inside out and all around, kinda like what I do with the fifteen billion socks and t-shirts that are housed in said room.

Below are some of the inspiration rooms that I’m gleaming from, but of course I have to make it work for myself and my family, so the room will be what all my spaces tend to be –  a hodge-podge of the many styles that I love, working together cohesively – at least in my mind, that’s what they do! LOL!

Bright Pastels

Teal Delight

Sunny Days


Pretty Palms

One of my biggest goals here is to infuse this room with bright, cheery color! I mean who doesn’t love a bright, fun and colorful space???

So please follow along as I take this space from washed out to bright and fun! These next six weeks shall prove to be quite a spin! (cycle) 🙂

Hugs and love 💛


4 thoughts on “Spring 19’One Room Challenge- Week 1 – Cleaning Things Up!”

  1. I love the inspiration photos Tiffany! The one on Teal Delight is saying wonderful things to me right now. You’ve got this girl. Can’t wait to check in on your progress.

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