Spring One Room Challenge – Week 2 – So What’s The Plan?


Here we are people, week 2 of the One Room Challenge. First and foremost, lets give a nice big thank you to Linda from Calling it Home for orchestrating the décor champion of challenges! We must also thank our Media Partner, Better Homes and Gardens for being a part of this amazing challenge.

What I love most about the ORC is that, it’s not a competition in any way; it really is just a friendly “push” from about 150 to 200 other designers, to get stuff done! It’s all love and happiness 🙂 This is the point in time when all the creative juices are freely flowing and things are happening! Most likely, everyone is probably still on their décor high from last weeks kick off , it was all so good!  Well that can be said for some of us…….me…..not so much…….oh me oh my! (insert forehead palm smack)

Okay there has been some progress on my end, in that I actually have somewhat of a plan this week, that is much more solid than I did last week. (I was only clear that I wanted the laundry room to be bright and bold and fun). I’ve made some final decisions( hahaha – final- okayyyyy yeah right! LOL) on my wall color, wallpaper and flooring. Everything else is still just up in the air. Like way up in outer space air, that far out into the stratosphere.

It’s fine, this is absolutely how I operate; it all comes together in the end and things just seem to make sense. I have no doubts that that is just what will happen with this design idea that is floating around in (outer space) my brain.

Here are a few pics of what my current laundry room looks like. It’s as basic as your co-worker Susan is…….borrriiinnng!

That’s all I could bring myself to show you and I’m sure you feel like you’ve seen more than you ever wanted to! It’s probably safe to say that   you will all agree that this room could use some sparkle and shine! Well you can call me Tinker Bell because I’m ready with my pixie dust and I’m going to sprinkle it all over this room! I may have a mood board for you next week just so you can get a rough idea of where this is going, but you’ll have to come back and see 🙂  That was so extra. K, bye for now!

WAAAIIITTT! You won’t be sorry because as I said, it’s oh so good!

Okay, now for real, bye!!!!!!


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