How many of you actually set your table for dinner? I know I don’t, but I may be able to sway you in the opposite direction with today’s post!

I’d been toying with the idea of a kitchen refresh for some time and I knew exactly what I wanted my finished space to look and feel like. I’m a lover of all things summer so I needed bright and airy and fresh! Also infused with lots of color but still a classic overall design that I wouldn’t quickly tire of…… that’s a tall order for one space I’d say.

Well, when Spoonflower reached out and asked me to be a part of a launch for their new line of table linens I was beyond ecstatic! Uhmmmmm that’s a YES from me! The timing could not have been more perfect and they had exactly what I was looking for ascetically.

{Please Note some of the products used in this post have been sponsored by Spoonflower, however, all opinions are mine.}

Let me show you what our eat in kitchen looked like before Spoonflower came to my rescue…….

And here is the AFTER…….

Okay, so  bit of background about the Spoonflower brand and why I and a host of other bloggers can totally get behind them as a company:

Spoonflower was launched in 2008 and the idea behind the brand was to empower individuals to create, print and sell their own artwork on fabric, wallpaper and now, home décor! More recently, Spoonflower and Roostery home decor products have joined forces in order to create one amazing brand! The new line of kitchen/dining room décor will include cocktail and dinner napkins, placemats, tea towels, table runners and tablecloths.

The entire concept is so cool as you’re able to support an independent artist when you shop from the Marketplace. If you decide that you need a specific color to match your space or a smaller scale you can simply send a message to a designer when logged into your Spoonflower account to request a custom color or scale change!!! You essentially have the option to create your very own unique design every time.

Want to see some more pictures and get some details about the products I used? Well since you asked………

I have a banquette seating area and my thought was that we’d be able to seat at least two more people at the table when we had company ( mind you we have an entire dining room…..that’s another story) The kitchen is the hub of the home so it’s just easier to sit and eat and talk in this room. I searched the TONS of fabric designs on the site and happened upon this beauty. I’m starting to see a pattern with my design choices, it seems as if the actual name of the item, speak to the feeling I’m trying to convey lately. The fabric print is, designed by LittleSmilemakers ,  and is literally described as “Summer is coming….” Seriously, that was the description and it could not have been more fitting.


I was able to contact the designer and ask for the scale of the bird to be enlarged just a bit and BOOM! Instant custom fabric for my seating area.

I used two stunning lumbar pillows,  here  and here, to add some dimension to the bench and also bring in another color combination/pattern.

I also used two throw pillows, this one and this one, in the same fabric for two of the kitchen chairs.

I love the way the black and white patterns pull from the black and white in the upholstery fabric used on the bench;  while at the same time, the palm print pillow plays off of the palm print in the dinner napkins, cocktail napkins and tea towels.

This accent wall is not to be ignored (I don’t think you could if you tried LOL) I love most things marble, it has such a glamorous look to it. I knew LAST year that I wanted to use a wallpaper with a marble design in my kitchen – so wallpaper dreams do come true! (I’m sure you all have dreams about wallpaper…..I can’t be alone in this) 

Now lets get to the heart of the room……the actual table and all the settings.

Does this not give you tropical, resort vibes…..I’m talking Fantasy Island type vibes here people! (goggle it if you’re too young to remember and WHATEVER if you are)

I had to figure out a way to best show off and yes there is indeed a lot pattern play happening and I will not apologize for it! I wanted this setting to be “a lot”! Lot’s of color, texture, scale and design…. what do you think? Did my vision come to life???

The quality of these table linens is phenomenal. The dinner napkins are made of 100% cotton Longleaf Sateen and they feel so smooth to the touch….I can’t imagine using them to wipe spaghetti off of my chin! But the good thing is you totally CAN!!! they wash perfectly!!! Winning 🙂

I mixed up the fabric a bit for the table and went with the cocktail napkins in the Durable Linen Cotton Canvas. They have a sturdy, yet flexible feel to them. See here how they hold their shape beautifully, yet they are super soft to the touch. Winning – again 🙂

I love tea towels, however I have a bit of a time finding designs that are  funky and modern. Most seem to lend themselves to a farmhouse style which, although being very cool, doesn’t work for my home style. I was so happy to see that the line of table linens would include tea towels that I would definitely want to see hanging around!

Again, I had the ability to choose from any of the designs on the site and we are talking thousands of fabric designs folks!!!!!

If you or anyone you know, is in the market for some amazing fabric, table linens, bedding, wallpaper, etc., you want to start your search on Spoonflower. The endless choices will make you feel like a kid in a candyshop!

Until next time hugs and love!






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