Week 1 One Room Challenge – Starting Line

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Hi and thanks so much for popping into myeclecticnest! Here we are again, the most wonderful time of the year otherwise know as the One Room Challenge!! For the next 6 weeks, hundreds of decor enthusiast such as myself embark on a room makeover adventure unlike no other!!! First let us give a huge thank you to Linda of Calling It Home for orchestrating this amazing adventure and another huge thank you is due to this years, returning media partner Better Homes and Gardens!

We ALL have front row seats as we cheer each other on whilst transforming our own spaces from dull to dynamic in less than two months time………..oooommmmmgggg!!!

My space of choice this year is my oldest sons bedroom which also serves as my guest bedroom since he doesn’t actually live with us anymore ( he’s an adult!) That my friends is what will certainly put the Challenge in this Challenge for me. Why you ask?

Well in my mommy mind, it’s still his room and I don’t want to deviate too much from something he would want to dwell in, however……… he moved out ( not officially) a few years ago and has in no way shown a desire to return to the nest – please cry for me!  The oldest is a NY’er at heart and never did acclimate to New Jersey suburb living so decided to move back to Williamsburg Brooklyn, where he was born and to what he is familiar with.

So without further ado, I give you one of my inspiration rooms and my mood board for what I may want the room to ultimately look like. Nothing is concrete in my mind as of yet so that would attribute to the less than stellar “plans” at present!!  (lol)

I say that below, may be my idea for the room, because as I’m typing, I’m thinking of other ideas for said room. I know, it can truly be a hamster wheel if you let it and right now, I’m definitely running on that wheel!

I promise to jump off this week and get down to business!

Now please go see all the amazing plans that this Fall’s Featured Designers have on deck as well as all of the hundreds of Guest Participants.

Until next Thursday my friends…………

Hugs and love.

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Hi!! My name is Tiffany and I come to you by way of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. My family and I made the move from the big city to the Garden State of New Jersey about 7 years ago; while I miss NYC I do love New Jersey. Follow along as I transform my family home into my perfectly imperfect, curated and eclectic nest!

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