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Good afternoon and happy Funday Sunday to ya! Yup, I’m here with my LATE One Room Challenge post for week 2…….. as we’re literally on the cusp of week THREE!!!  Please stop judging me, it’s impolite 😩😂

A little background about the ORC; twice a year hundreds of interior decor enthusiast set out to transform a space from blah to BEAUTIFUL in just six weeks time! This amazing and fun adrenaline rush is the brain child of the wonderful Linda from Calling it Home! This year, we also have the pleasure of welcoming  back our media sponsor Better Homes and Gardens. In addition to this all star line up, we have 20 Featured Designers as well as a couple of hundred Guest Participants. It’s such good stuff I tell you!

Now on to the important stuff, like my week two update:

Not much to share……….I know, but hang in here with me and try not to be too disappointed. LOL! I have added a few “challenges” to this challenge for myself. The first one being completing this space within the confines of a specific budget; another one being trying to use as much for the space that I already have on hand and last but not least, waiting for another week to really dig my heels in due to some items having not been delivered to us just yet.

I have some stunning bedding that is on the way, however I want to wait until I see it in person before making my final decision on a paint color. I know I’m truly pushing the envelope here but I don’t want to paint more times than necessary.

Here are some rooms that are dressed in the color that I’m thinking of using, but I need to be 100% sure of the shade before I begin…

Image: Pinterest

a mustard statement wall is a bold feature for any space and is cool for the fal... - #Bold #cool #fal #Feature #mustard #space #statement #wall

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

So, there you have it; my very strong contender for paint color and I’ll also be using some pretty wood tones in the room. Hopefully, this week I’ll really begin getting the room together, and I’ll have some actual progress to share with you all. Until then….


Hugs and Love!






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