Happy PreFriday friends! I skimped on the blog post for the past two weeks, one was due to travel, the other was due to extreme exhaustion after said travel; my apologies!!! Rest assured I have been plugging away at my powder room refresh and we’re going to talk about that for sure. This is the last week before all the big reveals so I wanted to give you all a quick update on the room.

First I must take care of some very important business and that is the business of giving a big thank you to our wonderful and generous sponsors for the #freshspacefebruary refresh.

Liberty HardwareCraftmadeSmithHonig  VelvetFinishesWallpaperDirect

Although some of the products that were selected to use in our powder room have been sponsored, all opinions are 100% my own.

Now on to the second part of my very important business…….the actual room refresh; while the room that I’m working on is quite small, I wanted to deliver maximum impact. The beautiful light fixture that I’ve selected is slated to help do just that.  I must saying having used one of Craftmade‘s lights in my Laundry Room makeover, I was well aware of the quality of lighting they offered. I also knew I’d most likely find what I was looking for, for my bathroom and I must say, they certainly delivered.

Funny as it may be, I don’t have one single picture with the previous light fixture but you’re not missing ANYTHING! It was a “building standard ” horrible, boob light! We could only go up from there haaaahhaa!

Take a look at this beauty 🙂

It’s an orb-shaped fixture that when looking at it from the bottom, somehow puts you in the mindset of looking at the solar system, specifically Saturn ( the planet not the car!) See how those “rings” orbit the globe?!!! Are you with or am I just too out there?! Lol!

In any case, I’m completely happy with my choice of lighting. It’s a classic and fresh fixture that I’m sure I’ll be thrilled with for years to come.

The other fabulous ladies have some great updates that you don’t want to miss so go ahead and hop on over to their pages so you can see for yourselves 😎

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