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Hello party people! It’s a big day(s) for myself and 8 of my IG partners in design crime 🙂 For the past 5 weeks we have all taken on a room or space in our homes and given it a super fresh- refresh.  I was so excited to work alongside each of these talented ladies and I know you’ll want to see the beautiful spaces they’ve created,  so after this little powder room tour, be sure and make your way over to see what they each have going on.  You can thank me later!

I must also give a nice thank you to the generous sponsors for this blog/IG hop. While some items were gifted all opinions are my own and the quality of product from each brand is quite outstanding.

So let’s get going with the good goods. I started with this small powder room. It has all the essentials (thankfully lol) sink and a toilet, three walls and a door! Basic at its best.

About 3 years ago, there were some minor updates made to the room and this is what we’ve been working with since then.

Flash forward to the end of February, 2020 and this is what we have currently.


NOW…….this room is still not complete!!!! This week we have started some MAJOR tweaking to the space and I will keep you updated on the “final” changes that are currently being made. Mind you, the changes that are in motion now, were not a part of my original plan for the refresh. The Mr. got wind of the refresh and wanted in, BIG time. So while I have made some really cool updates, we are working on some even cooler ones and I can’t wait to share them with you all.

Let’s take a closer look around at some of the fun details that have helped to make this powder room feel fresher and much more interesting to say the least 🙂

We can start with one of the stars of the room and the one that you can’t help but to notice……the wallpaper. This spectacular paper is from SmithHonig,

When I saw it, it was only offered in the below colourway.

However, they did have the colourway that I LOVED, in a fabric. I took a chance and inquired about it ever being offered in the darker version and low and behold – YES!  It most certainly was! Needless to say I was thrilled to be able to get my hands on this peel and stick- Ravenswood Mystery for my powder room.

It’s a small space so using this bold of a print isn’t overwhelming at all; I feel like I’m in an enchanted forest (not that I’ve ever been to an enchanted forest before)

Another super star in this space is without a doubt my new Craftmade light fixture.

Like literally it’s a star.  When looking at it from directly underneath, it almost resembles planet Saturn with its rings around it. It is stunning and the polished nickel is so luxe looking.

The light plays very well with all of the other accessories such as this beautiful towel holder from LibertyHardware.

……..And this toilet lever. Just a small detail but it makes a great difference!

I didn’t know if I would incorporate any art in this room as the wallpaper does a great job of that, but I still wanted something on the wall that you first see when walking in.

This beautifully made shelf from Liberty Hardware does a great job of cancelling out that negative space, and of course I love a good surface to display some pretties.

During the course of the upcoming week I will give you some more details about this bright, bold space and how it has come together and is continuing to come together 🙂

Thank you so much for stopping by. Don’t forget to go visit my girls. The rooms that they have each worked on are nothing short of amazing!

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Hugs and love


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