Well this is going to be a fun ride so strap up and let’s get to it why don’t we! You may be joining me by way of the fabulous Carla from carlabethany.com and if so, how fun was her outdoor tour???? Good stuff my friends, good stuff.

So before we get started I must pause to give a big huge thank you to two wonderful blog buddies of mine, Jennifer from Dimples and Tangles and Jewel from Jewelwedinteriors. They’ve put this wonderful almost, week long – It’s a Colourful Life –  Snapshot of Summer –  home tour together for all of us ( and you of course!)  and I could not be more thrilled to be able to have a part in all of the summer fun!

Retro Style-3

Many of you may already know that Summer is my favourite season so this was right on target for me! I’m not a seasonal decorator per say, but I do try to make small changes around our home as the seasons shift.

Pop of Colour – Living Room

This space is the MOST neutral space in my entire home! This space was completed earlier this month for the Spring ORC.

It was not my original intent to have a room this light and almost white, but this is what happened when I allowed my creative juices to free flow…..and I think I like it  – A LOT!

I love that the entire look and feel of the room can quickly be adjusted with the change of a pillow, or lampshade or even floral’s.

Nothing too expensive or hard to find however those small changes can be quite dynamic.

Come on Over – Guest Room 

Last year for the Fall ORC I decided that I needed to create a proper guest room / home office.

As you can see, this room is not lacking in colour in any way! I wanted a resort feel that was fun and almost tropical but not in the typical sense.

We had just come home from an amazing trip to Indonesia when I started on this space and I do see how I was heavily influenced by the many colours and textures that I saw while there, in my decor choices for the room.

And of course my signature mustard yellow was sprinkled throughout the space ( heavy on the sprinkles )

Kick Your Feet Up – Family Room

So this is by far one of my most favourite rooms in the home!! It always has been and I’m guessing it probably always will be.

It all started with those two funky yellow chairs that I got from an estate sale years ago and the momentum has just not slowed down yet!

This room packs punches of colour in every corner and it makes me so happy when I’m in there!

That humongous abstract painting was found at a vintage store for $4.00 and I will NEVER part with it!!!! When I say never I mean it ya’ll!!!

Again, I love to switch things up as the seasons change with small items such as pillows and while I usually keep the pillows in this room pretty bright and colourful, I did add a few pops of my favourite yellow this summer just for the fun of it!

These mustard curtains will adorn my windows year round; I’ll always feel like it’s a sunny summer day in here.

Brunch at Tiffany’s – Kitchen

When I first learned that I was going to be part of this fun home tour, I immediately used that opportunity to make a small change to our kitchen area.

I’ve had this great round table with this cylinder base that I love, however I also had a oval table sitting in my garage for about two years. I loved the oval shape, but didn’t want to change out my cylinder base – so I just switched out the table tops!

Not only am I loving the change – it somehow has not taken up any additional space in the kitchen, but it has given me a ton of additional surface space – go figure!

The table was in bad shape (two years untouched in a garage can have that affect) so I gave it a deep cleaning and fresh new coat of white paint and booyaa! Brand new table!

This amazing banquet fabric was gifted to me from Spoonflower for a late summer update I did when Roostery launched their kitchen/ dining room decor products last year.

I always joke that it’s summer year around in here and it actually feels like it on those cold winter days when the sun is shinning super bright…..but then I open my door and….yup, right back to reality lol!

Well – there you have it; some snapshots of my summer home decor for you. I really hope you’ve enjoyed this mini tour. You’re probably saying you want more – well I have you covered – hop on over to Brenda’s home – you don’t want to miss it! Neither do I so I’ll meet you over there 🙂

Hugs and love!


IT’S A COLORFUL LIFE- “Snapshots of Summer” Tour 2020