Wild thing – I think I love You!

Well hello and welcome back to the Nest! I’m so happy you’ve decided to take a few minutes of your day to hang out with us and I think you’ll be pleased that you did as well.

Today I will try my very best not to be too wordy and show you the goods! But first let me give a big huge shout out to the amazing brand that helped to make our living room/dining room two of my absolute favorites rooms in our entire home- Smithhonig! You will see in the photos below how amazing their products are and I’m thrilled that we were able to work together again on this fun project.

Okay now to the good stuff – long story short, I started my two room makeover for the Spring One Room Challenge. Soon after I began, I had to absolutely pivot with my original design idea because one of the most beautiful wallpaper prints came across my computer screen one day and I knew it was everything that I needed in my life ( and my dining room ) Smithhonig recenlty launched a new collection – the Pantera Collection and it is stunning I tell you. The colorway that I fell head over heels in love with is the Tundra colorway. It’s a classic animal print with a twist. It’s the perfect mix elegance and fierceness! Want to see it? Okay keep scrolling……

I had no intentions on changing the seating or the dining room table both of which I truly love, but they didn’t play well together. Well, now…….I can’t think of a better duo!

You see this room was naturally a bit darker so I thought I’d lean into that and go with a moody mix for the space however, this pattern had all the details that I needed and colors that would bring all of the pieces in the room together for a cohesive look.

I was still able to incorporate some of that moodiness that I wanted at first by using the Pantera Night fabric as a table runner! Best of both worlds people!

Every now and then I like to completely draw the curtains and let ALL the light shine in and when I do, these Peacock tiebacks are perfect for keeping those curtains in place and letting the light shine!

I love a well set table as much as the next gal, but I also like to bring a bit of whimsy to my table settings. These fab tassels helped me pull that off without batting an eye! I used them as napkin rings on the table so as to add a bit of funk to the table. The tassels that are outstanding – full, lush and heavy. These are meant to stand the test of time.

Let’s move over to the adjoining living room – again- I had the challenge of bringing two spaces together in a harmonious way, while still clearly defining the two spaces. Again, this was done with fabric, patterns and textures.

I told you I fell hard for the Tundra print, so I couldn’t pass up the chance to also use it in the fabric version. Boy am I happy I didn’t miss out – the fabric is a heavy, yet soft velvet with a very light sheen to it. It’s perfect for upholstery jobs, curtains and also making pillows as I did here.

I love bolster pillows and thought this one would work perfectly on the love seat. I fully intend to make a lumbar pillow for our main bedroom very soon and I’ll be sure to share that with you when it’s done.

Speaking of pillows, these are the Sebra Stripe pillow and they are pretty perfect as far as throw pillows go! They’re firm, yet soft and I can already tell that these will hold up wonderfully in the months and years to come. I love the color play on the classic zebra print. You’re sure to see these beauties in many areas of my home as they’re too good to live in one room forever!

So there you have it! My “finished” living/dining room spaces -(because is any room ever really finished??) That is the beauty in design and decor, it can and should evolve with you. I’m so happy I was patient and waited for just the right pieces to use in these two rooms! I am over the moon with how it all came together and hope you all enjoyed the mini tour!

Until next time –

Hugs and love!


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