Bedroom Retreat – One Room Challenge – Reveal

We did it! We made it to the final week(s) of the One Room Challenge and I for one am thrilled with the fruits of my labor. I will try not to overwrite – somewhat of another type of challenge for me – and aim to flood you with photos, because lets be real, that’s what you’re here for anyway.

The bedroom wasn’t terrible by any means and I had put some love into it as some point but it just didn’t have a feeling for me. I love walking into a room or space and having it evoke a sense of calm, excitement, mystery – ANYTHING! But this room was no longer doing that. So I set out to create a relaxing retreat for the big guy and myself. This became all the more important as my new work life ( working from home) seems to be semi permanent at best.

So here’s the room before we moved in…….

You can see it’s a pretty large room with great windows a ton of natural light. I love our bedroom so much.

Here is what the room looked like 6-7 weeks ago……..

It was pretty but no longer suited what I wanted in our main bedroom.

and here we are today………

A large part of having a bedroom that feels like a retreat is in the materials used – I knew from the jump start that all linen bedding would be the way to go!
This little reading nook has become one of my favorite parts of the room – I may have already taken a nap or two in this spot! This fun vase from HKLivingusa looks as if it were made for the room! I added my SmithHonig- pillow to the mix and it’s pure genius!

Here you can really get an up close and personal view of this stunning wallpaper that was so generously gifted to me by Milton & King. The abstract is fun and provides tons of detail, yet is not overpowering in its design. It’s a fun and funky kind of calm –

I love that the abstract pattern is so much fun; very detailed yet remains subtle and calm.
The details are the design.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to keep use lamps on the bedside tables at first, however as soon as I laid eyes on these beautiful sconces – I had my answer. They checked off all the boxes:

1- plug in ( a must as I didn’t want the hassle of wiring sconces )

2 – dimmable


As you can see below, the original table lamps have found a new home and I must say I really like them here. I happened upon these shades a few days ago and knew they would give the perfect amount of umph to the lamps. I like how the ribbing in the shade plays off of the ribbing design of the lamps.

This super long dresser from Restoration Hardware is an investment piece and I had no desire to replace it, however it was a dark brown and so used a gel stain in black to ensure cohesiveness with the rest of the furnishings in the room.
These beautiful marble tops were custom designed and cut to fit the nightstands .

The linen bedding is amazing! It’s so nice slipping into bed and feeling the warmth of the fabric. Linen keeps you cool in the summer/ warm in the winter – winning ALL year!

A fresh glass of lemon water is a great way to start the morning!

Can you believe this burl beauty sat in the corner for years in our room?!! I know the travesty of it all is too much to speak about. Well it is now front and center, as it should be; it was the perfect piece for the reading/ sitting nook.

So there you have it! I will be sure to flood your feeds the next few days with additional pictures and details on the room.

Big thanks to my wonderful sponsors for this room makeover; I was able to work with some of my favorites and the room is totally what I envisioned it could be because of the beautiful and quality products used.

I must again give Linda from Calling It Home a huge thank you and also thank you to this years ORC Media Partner – Better Homes & Gardens. Also make sure to head over to the One Room Challenge site and check out all the room reveals – there are some stunning rooms that you will absolutely want to see and read about.

Special thanks to:

Milton & King, Crystorama, Craftmade, Ruggable, SmithHonig

Until next time,

Hugs and love.


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  1. Thank you so much for providing a link at the end of each week because that made it perfectly easy for me to see your progress. Beautiful room!

  2. It’s absolutely a stunning new room.. it has the Tiffany signature look …I love all the nightstands … the pillows and the burlwood cube table are fabulous! I’m sure you go to bed and wake up smiling everyday!!

  3. I am obsessed with all of it!!! The details are amazing and all your pieces are inspiring. For the love of marble those nightstands are genuis!

    I love looking at all your projects you have the prettiest and most fun rooms to see.

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