Most if not all of us are familiar with the adage – The Design is in the Details. Well I’m here to prove just how true that really is.

A lot of the time, there are areas of the home that go unnoticed or they don’t get a ton of love from the decor department. I think interior doors definitely a spot on that list; I know for a fact mine were – and for way too long.

At one point I did at least try and update the builder grade brass knobs by spray painting them all matte black. Truth be told, that fix held up better on some of the doors but definitely not all- you can see the chipped paint here

Although I did have a temporary, at best, fix, I’d spent a lot of time fan girling over these gorgeous Emtek knobs

I mean what’s not to love???

So when Emtek released their new Select Knob products and I just knew it was meant to be. There is so much to say about these pretties!

First – you can mix and match so many beautiful styles and finishes, your knob can easily be unique to your own home and style. Second – the quality of the knob is outstanding- they’re so heavy and made so well, I definitely think these will outlast the house lol!

I have a tried and true love for all things marble and brass, throw a little classic black in the mix and it’s pure perfection in my opinion!

Needless to say I was thrilled when I saw this very chic marble/brass combination .

I chose the Emtek Select Conical White Marble and paired it with the Wilshire Rosette in Satin Brass

You can see for yourself how great they look with either a white door or a beautiful black door.

You literally can’t get it wrong people!

Thank you so much Emtek for creating such high quality products! These have definitely elevated these interior doors and made them look and feel like a million bucks!

Until next time

Hugs and love