New Year- New Room – Zee Plan

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Welcome back party peeps! Second week of our New Year New Room challenge and time is truly ticking away. If I’m being totally honest, I was stuck in a big way with the direction of this space. I really had no concreate plan for the entryway outside of wanting new lighting and needing to get the walls painted. That my good people was IT!

I knew I wanted lots of texture and interesting, unique features for the space but how I was going to get there was a totally different beast.

I really focused on it over this past weekend and came up with this design inspiration board. I say inspiration because it may or may not all look identical to the what I have below, but this is a pretty good idea of the vibe I’m looking to achieve with the space.

As soon as I saw that ivory and black wallpaper, it all just took flight from there! That seems to be the norm for me – I’m clueless or stuck creatively until I’m not and then it’s an overflow of ideas lol!

Please say I’m not alone in that!

So as promised, this is the plan and I really do love all the pieces shown here so my hope is that it will all come together as I see it and we will have a beautiful, vibrant entryway by month end!

I have my work cut out for me that’s for sure. While we’re on the subject, lets go check out what the other ladies have been up to in their spaces – I’m excited to see what’s happened in the past 7 days!

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Until then

Hugs and love


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