Who is Myeclecticnest?

Chello good people! Thank you so much for taking a few minutes from your day to come hang out with me. Today I’m teaming up with 7 bloggers and we’re reintroducing ourselves to our readers – some new, some old – just a quick recap of who we are and how we started blogging.

Punchbowl Social

By day I’m a certified Paralegal that recently made a career change and now I work in finance. Quite a difference but I’m up for the challenge 😉

I started my blog about 8 years ago 😱 a few years after my family of 5 moved from Brooklyn NY out to New Jersey, to document our decor journey.

The oldest son lives in NYC😢

Unfortunately I’ve not been super consistent with my blog post, however I’m working on that.

I happen to be one of those people that really enjoys a good blog post full of pictures and information – I’m old school I suppose lol.

Needless to say I was thrilled when Jamala- VivaLaVintageforyourHome reached out to include me in this great group of bloggers!

I have had a love for decorating since I was a tween and it has been something that’s become such a fun hobby for me, it’s such a great gift 🎁

Below are a few snaps from our home which is always in the “tweaking” stage lol! I like to change things up a little- I get that honestly my mom and grandmother had the same habit 🤷🏾‍♀️

I love sharing how anyone can curate and create a beautiful home without breaking the bank. I’m big on “the look for less” if I may. Not saying buy cheap in terms of quality, just “cheaper” in terms of price. That’s where my love of vintage decor plays a big part. There are SO many expertly made pieces out there for a steal if you know what you’re looking for and have a bit of patience!

Vintage Chairs paired with New dining Table – I enjoys good mix of old and new!
Love bold colors and patterns as well
One of my favorite FBMP finds- this bar is too much fun 🤩

Again thank you so much for hanging out today and please don’t be a stranger- I promise to blog more if you promise to come back and visit myeclecticnest 😊 Feel free to join my blog list so we don’t miss each other and also make sure to visit the other ladies today! You won’t be sorry!!

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My Eclectic Nest – That’s ME 🙂

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Clarke and Co.

Until next time

Hugs and love


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