Two Story Lighting Extravaganza

Hello good people! Last week myself a group of bloggers all revealed new rooms in our homes that we updated for the new year. My entryway was finally shown the love it so deserved and I couldn’t be happier with the results of our 6 weeks of work!

Honestly what I thought would be the easiest update ended up being the trickiest lol! There was no arguing that our lighting would need to be updated- this is what came with the home when we purchased it…

Shockingly the husband was okay with this fixture ( I must say I’m now questioning what else he’s convinced himself is “okay”🤨 when clearly it’s anything but lol)

Very traditional fixture- just not my style per say

We were fortunate to partner with Signature Hardware and make the much needed glow up a reality.

This was one of the final fixtures that I was deciding on …however I also learned that the husband is not a fan of fixtures with globe shades – I’m pretty much questioning everything at this point

Ultimately we both agreed that this stunner was the one for our home. It’s traditional ( like the husband) but the solid brass finish makes it a little funky and fun ( like me)

Brass Beauty

I know I had a time trying to decipher what size fixture would work best until I happily discovered that Signature Hardware has an entire section on their site that guides you through that process 🙌🏾

I learned that the width “should” be between 20” and 30” ( obviously you do what you want in your home) that is just the average width for a two story foyer fixture; also due to our ceiling being 20 feet, we would aim to have a length of at least 8 feet above the landing 😵‍💫

Good information for the future but that was more than enough math for me lol!

Needless to say we are thrilled with our new lighting situation- it has made a beautiful difference in the entryway !

Until next time

Hugs and love


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