Primp and Pamper Week 4 – The Finale


Welcome all! So how gorgeous is Domicile37 bathroom??? I know right! Amazing work.

It’s hard to believe that four weeks have come and gone, but here we are. It’s the final week of our BathroomPrimpandPamper blog hop. It has been such a fun experience and I’ve learned that I do actually enjoy working with a  definite schedule; and all this time I’m thinking I’m better at marching to the beat of my own drum.

Our fabulous host Jewel has been absolutely amazing for putting this all together and I can’t thank her enough. I loved working alongside all of these talented ladies and if any of you want to do another bathroom refresh, my master could use some sprucing up!!

The hubster was a ROCK star and he helped me pull this all together, late nights and all. Thanks babe 🙂

So let’s get on with the big reveal,  but first let’s do a little time traveling, back in time with some hideous before pics!


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As you can see, it wasn’t the ugliest bathroom ever seen but it was pretty high up there in the boring category. Dare I even say, BASIC…….just dull. Keep in mind this bathroom “belongs” to the teens and it also serves as our guest bathroom when we have company. I wanted to liven up the space a bit, make it a bit more funky  – you know it needs to gel with the rest of my eclectic nest!!

Okay, so lets get to the good stuff –  AFTER pictures!







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I had no concrete vision for this bathroom other than making it a more fun and modern space; I was a little nervous about my mishmash of ideas; however, this room was redone in typical Tiffany style, gather all the things you really like/love and they will all work together.

The vanity knobs and light fixture along with the wall shelf all have that warm brass look that I love; while the matte black faucet, and bath accessories keep it young and modern.  The shower curtain is a piece art on it’s own! It’s a perfect marriage of classic and modern –

Some products in this post have been sponsored but all opinions are my own. My opinion is I LOVE all of the items that have been used. Amazing, quality and style and I’m so happy with everything. Big thanks to all of our sponsors on this blog hop.


I will be coming back with one additional update later in the week, as well as product sources, so stay tuned! Until then, jump on over to see my girl Kelly and her stunning bathroom makeover. Don’t forget to also check out my other co-bloggers listed below to see their beautiful space.

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