Two Story Lighting Extravaganza

Hello good people! Last week myself a group of bloggers all revealed new rooms in our homes that we updated for the new year. My entryway was finally shown the love it so deserved and I couldn’t be happier with the results of our 6 weeks of work!

Honestly what I thought would be the easiest update ended up being the trickiest lol! There was no arguing that our lighting would need to be updated- this is what came with the home when we purchased it…

Shockingly the husband was okay with this fixture ( I must say I’m now questioning what else he’s convinced himself is “okay”🤨 when clearly it’s anything but lol)

Very traditional fixture- just not my style per say

We were fortunate to partner with Signature Hardware and make the much needed glow up a reality.

This was one of the final fixtures that I was deciding on …however I also learned that the husband is not a fan of fixtures with globe shades – I’m pretty much questioning everything at this point

Ultimately we both agreed that this stunner was the one for our home. It’s traditional ( like the husband) but the solid brass finish makes it a little funky and fun ( like me)

Brass Beauty

I know I had a time trying to decipher what size fixture would work best until I happily discovered that Signature Hardware has an entire section on their site that guides you through that process 🙌🏾

I learned that the width “should” be between 20” and 30” ( obviously you do what you want in your home) that is just the average width for a two story foyer fixture; also due to our ceiling being 20 feet, we would aim to have a length of at least 8 feet above the landing 😵‍💫

Good information for the future but that was more than enough math for me lol!

Needless to say we are thrilled with our new lighting situation- it has made a beautiful difference in the entryway !

Until next time

Hugs and love


Who is Myeclecticnest?

Chello good people! Thank you so much for taking a few minutes from your day to come hang out with me. Today I’m teaming up with 7 bloggers and we’re reintroducing ourselves to our readers – some new, some old – just a quick recap of who we are and how we started blogging.

Punchbowl Social

By day I’m a certified Paralegal that recently made a career change and now I work in finance. Quite a difference but I’m up for the challenge 😉

I started my blog about 8 years ago 😱 a few years after my family of 5 moved from Brooklyn NY out to New Jersey, to document our decor journey.

The oldest son lives in NYC😢

Unfortunately I’ve not been super consistent with my blog post, however I’m working on that.

I happen to be one of those people that really enjoys a good blog post full of pictures and information – I’m old school I suppose lol.

Needless to say I was thrilled when Jamala- VivaLaVintageforyourHome reached out to include me in this great group of bloggers!

I have had a love for decorating since I was a tween and it has been something that’s become such a fun hobby for me, it’s such a great gift 🎁

Below are a few snaps from our home which is always in the “tweaking” stage lol! I like to change things up a little- I get that honestly my mom and grandmother had the same habit 🤷🏾‍♀️

I love sharing how anyone can curate and create a beautiful home without breaking the bank. I’m big on “the look for less” if I may. Not saying buy cheap in terms of quality, just “cheaper” in terms of price. That’s where my love of vintage decor plays a big part. There are SO many expertly made pieces out there for a steal if you know what you’re looking for and have a bit of patience!

Vintage Chairs paired with New dining Table – I enjoys good mix of old and new!
Love bold colors and patterns as well
One of my favorite FBMP finds- this bar is too much fun 🤩

Again thank you so much for hanging out today and please don’t be a stranger- I promise to blog more if you promise to come back and visit myeclecticnest 😊 Feel free to join my blog list so we don’t miss each other and also make sure to visit the other ladies today! You won’t be sorry!!

Viva La Vintage for Your Home

Maggie Overby Studios

4th House On the Right

Hello Home Girl

The Home I Create

My Eclectic Nest – That’s ME 🙂

Pure Happy Home

Clarke and Co.

Until next time

Hugs and love


New Year New Room – Almost There

Hey y’all! Okay I know today was set to be the big reveal however due to shipping delays most of our group will have to hold off until next Tuesday. 😫 Not to worry though because from what I’ve seen so far from my blogger buddies- it’ll be well worth the wait!!

Thanks again to Stephanie for corralling this amazing bunch and coordinating the blog hop.

So this post will be short and sweet – just sharing with you all an easy as bad affordable way to update the doors in your home. Last week I shared how I painted all of the doors on the lower level black using Clare paint in Blackest.

Clare Paint- Blackest

It’s absolutely stunning.

About two years ago I did a temporary paint job on all of the handles and it held up for a bit but this is where we were last week…..

Clearly the doors needed some “jewelry” if I may – new knobs!!!

Signature Hardware gifted us these gorgeous, classic – yet modern, knobs. I wanted the knobs to seamlessly mesh together with the doors – and this matte black knob did exactly that.

Signature Hardware

So if you’re looking to make smaller changes around your home paint and hardware can go a LONG way!

PLEASE make sure you come back next week because the reveals are going to be so good!!

Until next time

Hugs and love

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New Year New Room – The Week Before

Although January is the longest month ( outside of March of course) these past few weeks seem to have flown by! We’ve made it to the last week before our reveal for the New Year New Room challenge hosted by Stephanie of CasaWatkins Living.

Last week I shared out beautiful new lighting for the entryway – it has not yet been installed but it’s a stunner! This weekend I was super busy painting the handrails and all four of the interior doors in our entryway.


Clare Paint so generously sponsored our paint project and let me tell you this paint is top notch! I was worried that I’d have to paint several coats to get full coverage but I was happily incorrect 🙃

Blackest is a true deep black and it instantly updated the look of our entryway with its classic sophistication.

Full coverage, rich beautiful black color and no VOC or odor to speak of! I could not have been more satisfied 🖤

I can’t wait to share with you all my fully refreshed entryway next week- but until then be sure to check out these fabulous ladies for more room updates!

Casa Watkins Living // Delineate Your Dwelling // Domicile 37 // House by Hoff // Iris Nacole // JZ Holmes // Live Pretty On A Penny // Love Your Abode // My Eclectic Nest // Our Fifth House // This Is Our Bliss // Up To Date Interiors

Until next time

Hugs and love


New Year- New Room – Zee Plan

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_8679-1.jpg

Welcome back party peeps! Second week of our New Year New Room challenge and time is truly ticking away. If I’m being totally honest, I was stuck in a big way with the direction of this space. I really had no concreate plan for the entryway outside of wanting new lighting and needing to get the walls painted. That my good people was IT!

I knew I wanted lots of texture and interesting, unique features for the space but how I was going to get there was a totally different beast.

I really focused on it over this past weekend and came up with this design inspiration board. I say inspiration because it may or may not all look identical to the what I have below, but this is a pretty good idea of the vibe I’m looking to achieve with the space.

As soon as I saw that ivory and black wallpaper, it all just took flight from there! That seems to be the norm for me – I’m clueless or stuck creatively until I’m not and then it’s an overflow of ideas lol!

Please say I’m not alone in that!

So as promised, this is the plan and I really do love all the pieces shown here so my hope is that it will all come together as I see it and we will have a beautiful, vibrant entryway by month end!

I have my work cut out for me that’s for sure. While we’re on the subject, lets go check out what the other ladies have been up to in their spaces – I’m excited to see what’s happened in the past 7 days!

Casa Watkins Living // Delineate Your Dwelling // Domicile 37 // House by Hoff // Iris Nacole // JZ Holmes // Live Pretty On A Penny // Love Your Abode // My Eclectic Nest // Our Fifth House // This Is Our Bliss // Up To Date Interiors

Until then

Hugs and love


New Year- New Room Entryway Refresh

Chello my friends old and new! I’m kicking of the new year of design and decor in a big way for 2022!I’m beyond excited to be partnering up with a fabulous group of ladies (big thanks to Stephanie for gathering us all together!) to work on making over a room or space in our homes for the New Year New Room Challenge!

You can keep up with all of our room progress each Tuesday during the month of January with the final reveals going live the last Tuesday of the month.

My “room” of choice is our entryway. My entryway is a sad little space and it has been in desperate need of some love and attention so the timing could not have been better!

New lighting is a MUST- this fixture has tormented my soul for far too long
I’m seriously considering incorporating the bag of popcorn into my design plan
Walls are screaming for a fresh coat of paint 😱

So you get my drift right?!

So the plan is to add some color and texture and hopefully some amazing artwork to wake the space up! I’m hoping that my next week I’ll have nailed down all of the goodies that will help make this space come to life and I’ll be able to share that with you all.

Now be sure to check all of the other ladies and see what they’re working on- that’s where I’m headed right now 🙃

Casa Watkins Living // Delineate Your Dwelling // Domicile 37 // House by Hoff // Iris Nacole // JZ Holmes // Live Pretty On A Penny // Love Your Abode // My Eclectic Nest // Our Fifth House // This Is Our Bliss // Up To Date Interiors

Until next week

Hugs and love


Happy Monday

Good morning party people! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and Monday is treating you well. This post is a surprise even to me seeing as I don’t normally post as much as I would like to; but this was too good not to.

So I was out to dinner at one of my favorite eateries in Montclair NJ and upon being seating I was immediately struck by the amazing art they had on the walls throughout the restaurant. It was so striking and unique. I told the husband to get ready because somehow, some way, I was going to find out who this artist was and have a piece on some wall in our home. In true Tiffany style, I found out who this amazing artist was – Stacie Monday – Art By Monday

Stacie Monday is a self taught artist from Tulsa, OK. Stacie’s work celebrates African American women and tells the story of the many struggles, experiences, and lessons learned as Black woman in America. Monday’s main focus is on promoting a positive narrative of Black women and paints to change the negative views and stereotypes that we face everyday. Amazing!

Art by Monday in my kitchen

I love the premise behind her work and I also love that she makes it a point to make her artwork accessible to everyone. Thank you Stacie for sharing your beautiful gift with all of us!

Until next time

Hugs and Love


ORC Week 8 – REVEAL 🎉🎉

Can you even believe it?!! How did 8 weeks go by in what feels like 8 longish days?!! We made it to the home stretch and we all have something to be proud of… our new improved space is finally ours to enjoy 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

The One Room Challenge is such a fun way to tackle any room in your home especially if like myself, you need a bit of positive peer pressure to get stuff done. Thank you so much to Linda as well as Better Homes & Gardens for being our media sponsor this year!

This time around we worked on a NO renovation in the heart of the home- the kitchen! Absolutely no labor intensive work was done it was a major cosmetic makeover. A lot of little changes that one big impact.

Here is where we started……

Nothing was wrong with the space I just wanted to brighten it up a bit and add some hints of glam to the room

Here is where we are now….

I think the biggest change in this room has to be the countertops. Above you see that they were very brown granite and while granite is an amazing stone, it just wasn’t my style.

No truer words have ever been written!

I used Rustoleoum Appliance Epoxy to get the smooth white finish you see. Blog post about that coming soon!

The original plan was to also paint the brown tile backsplash however due to me almost having a complete meltdown over painting the countertops, I decided not to go that route. Instead we installed a marble wallpaper backsplash!

I LOVE it so much more than I think I would have liked the painted backslash!! It’s peel and stick so very low commitment but high return on style!

We switched out all of the original hardware and replaced it with these beautiful modern brushed champagne knobs and pulls that were gifted by Liberty Hardware- instantly updating the cabinets.

More jewelry for the kitchen came in the form of this amazing light fixture from Lamps Plus. This was one of those rare times when I was able to make a decision in 5.1 seconds because I just knew it was the ONE

You all got a sneak peek at our new faucet gifted by Signature Hardware and for those of you wondering, yes I am still finding reasons to use it almost every hour of every day – judge if you must but I’m smitten lol !

Okay now I’ll stop writing you stop reading and just look – because we both know you’re here for the pics not the chit chat:)

I plan on another blog or IG post specifically dedicated to this amazing art from Art By Monday- but for now just take it in… I can’t get over how dynamic this piece is!

Art By Monday
My favorite design assistant is always close by

Okay so there you have it! My approach for this space was to not have to deal with the craziness of a full demo ( which also would be absolutely unnecessary) but to infuse small relatively purse friendly updates to make a big difference in the look and feel of this kitchen. I’m feeling like my mission was accomplished 😉

Big hugs and love to all of my fantastic sponsors:

Signature Hardware , Liberty Hardware, Lampsplus and Ruggable!

This space would not have come together as it did without the addition of your amazing products!

And thank you all for hanging out with me these last 8 weeks! It’s been fun as usual!

Until next time

Hugs and love


ORC Week 7 Faucet Dreams

Okay we literally have ONE week remaining in the the Fall One Room Challenge!! I am beyond excited about this and can’t wait to share my progress with you all next week. Before we get started, most of you are familiar with the ORC, but in the off chance that you aren’t, it’s an 8 week celebration ( NOT a competition) of creativity, inspiration, and original ideas. Its a great way for all of the featured designers as well as the guest participants to support each other and cheer one another on as we share the insane but always fun, process of transforming a room. Also, big thanks to Linda for creating this amazing event as well as thank you to Better Homes and Gardens our Media Sponsor for the ORC.

Now lets get into the reason we’re all here – the updated kitchen; so while most elements in our kitchen were going to remain as is, I did have a few items that I did want to update and our faucet was one of those items.

Although there technically wasn’t anything wrong with the previous one, I wanted a bit more razzle dazzle if you get what I mean 🙂

Well look at what we have here………

This is what you call a Statement Piece

Is that enough razzle and dazzle for you? It definitely is for me! This beauty was gifted to us by Signature Hardware and when I say the quality is outstanding, that is almost an understatement. This is their Beasley Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Spring Spout in chrome. It is so study and the water flow is amazing. I really love the taller profile of this faucet as well – it makes quite the statement when walking into the kitchen. Big thank you to Signature Hardware; our new faucet is perfection and I could not be happier with our selection!

Well, we two final things on the “punch list” for this final week – new lighting and kitchen window refresh! Then we are done and done!

Thank you all for hanging out with me these past 7 weeks…..

Until next time

Hugs and love


ORC Week 6- The Details

Week six came in with a bang and we are at my favorite part of the One Room Challenge — the design details and décor!!! – but before we get started, although most of you reading this are familiar with the ORC, if you aren’t, it’s an 8 week celebration ( NOT a competition) of creativity, inspiration, and original ideas. Its a great way for all of the featured designers as well as the guest participants to support each other and cheer one another on as we share the insane but always fun, process of transforming a room. Also, big thanks to Linda for creating this amazing event as well as thank you to Better Homes and Gardens our Media Sponsor for the ORC.

When we made the decision to not paint our kitchen cabinets, naturally I knew that I would want to change out the hardware to help give them a more modern, less under the Tuscan sun, look.

Initially, I thought a matte black would be perfect but after spending some time on the holy grail of decor aka Pinterest, I feel in love with the brass hardware against the wood grain in our cabinets.

These were on my short list

Along with these knobs…..

But it was decided that they were a bit too shiny for what I envisioned.

I have installed hardware from Liberty Hardware in all of my bathrooms, so it made sense that I would research what they had to offer as they have a such a wide variety of accessories for bathrooms as well as kitchens. Needless to say, I found exactly what I was looking for. These Champagne Bronze knobs and pulls are PERFECT!!

They are a very pretty brushed brass color and they add just the right combination of warmth and pizazz to the cabinets and drawers.

Liberty Hardware is definitely my go to for bathroom and now kitchen accessories!

This weekend I’m hoping to get the new faucet and lighting installed and then photographed! Exciting times people 🙂

Until next time

Hugs and love


ORC Week 5 You Did What?

OH MY WORD! How did the time go so quickly?! We officially have three weeks remaining in the the Fall One Room Challenge and before we get started, although most of you reading this are familiar with the ORC, but in the off chance that you aren’t, it’s an 8 week celebration ( NOT a competition) of creativity, inspiration, and original ideas. Its a great way for all of the featured designers as well as the guest participants to support each other and cheer one another on as we share the insane but always fun, process of transforming a room. Also, big thanks to Linda for creating this amazing event as well as thank you to Better Homes and Gardens our Media Sponsor for the ORC.

So this week was a BIGGIE for me, hence the late blog post ( better late than never is what they say right?!) The kitchen refresh is coming along nicely and the most stressful part of my makeover was the countertops. We have (had) a very early 2000’s version of granite – think Santa Cecilia , New Venetian Gold- all very Tuscan inspired colorways. Now don’t get me wrong, they can be very pretty with the right color cabinets and backsplash, but I’ve never been a fan – not even a little bit and since we didn’t get to choose the finishes in our home, I had no say in the matter so I lived with the counters for almost a decade! But this week that changed – WHHOOOHOO!

I want to share some of my inspiration photos with you seeing as I never did that……

Granted my cabinets are not the exact color or any of any of these images, but I’m going to the overall “look” airy and bright with warm brass details.

I honestly can’t wait to share with you all and I must say that these small-ish updates have made huge difference so far.

The six and seventh week will be all about new lighting and the new glorious faucet and then on to the good part – DECORATING! Make sure you meet me back here for all of the “new” goodies!

Also a BIG thanks to my wonderful sponsors for this project

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Until then

Hugs and love


ORC Week 4- Curveball

We are officially at the halfway point of the Fall One Room Challenge and before we get started, although most of you reading this are familiar with the ORC, but in the off chance that you aren’t, it’s an 8 week celebration ( NOT a competition) of creativity, inspiration, and original ideas. Its a great way for all of the featured designers as well as the guest participants to support each other and cheer one another on as we share the insane but always fun, process of transforming a room. Also, big thanks to Linda for creating this amazing event as well as thank you to Better Homes and Gardens our Media Sponsor for the ORC.

So this week saw a bit of a curveball for me…..I made a last minute, executive decision in the kitchen. Okay, let me just backtrack really quickly here – my room that I’m working on this season is the kitchen. Nothing structurally is changing and pretty much all of the fixtures will remain the same. I am working on making changes/updates using pretty much what I have on hand and a few tweaks here and there for some added interest.

Okay – back to the curveball situation – my current kitchen table is a piece that will remain in the room because I love the shape, style and size.

I loosely toyed with the idea of replacing the table top with a marble slab – so I did what I normally do – I took to spending way too much time searching FB marketplace for said slab.

Total waste of time 😵‍💫😜

Of course in the weeks and days before, I saw tons of options, but when I finally decided that was the direction I wanted to go – NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH!!!! Whatever FBMP, I’m a creative and creative’s figure stuff out! I had a lightbulb moment and decided to try my unsteady, non artistic hand at creating the marble tabletop myself using paint and water. At this point a good blogger or influencer would have a great video showing you what they did right? Well sorry, I’m the worst, I got so caught up in what I was doing that I forgot to press record 😦

Here is my first go at the “marble” look…….

Here is where I landed…….

I promise you it is such a simple technique – you grab some gray paint or you can even mix white with a bit of black paint together, a small artist paintbrush and a water bottle. Using that small brush, lightly drag it across the surface in a diagonal direction, mist it with the water and dab your line with a paint brush or clean rag. THAT IS IT!!! Marble is such an organic pattern that you can’t really “mess” it up.

Okay, now next week is going to be a biggie for me…..I’m doing the project that terrifies me the most so make sure you meet me back here for the details!!!

Big thank you to all of my wonderful sponsors and until next time…..

Hugs and love


ORC Week 3 – Piecing it All Together

So we are on Week 3 of the Fall One Room Challenge and this is historically about the time that I begin to get a little bonkers and start going back and forth in my mind about my design plan (using the word plan very loosely fyi).

Before we get started, I’m sure most, if not all of you reading this are familiar with the ORC, but if not, it’s an 8 week celebration ( NOT a competition) of creativity, inspiration, and original ideas. Its a great way for all of the featured designers as well as the guest participants to support each other and cheer one another on as we share the insane but always fun, process of transforming a room. Also, big thanks to Linda for creating this amazing event as well as thank you to Better Homes and Gardens our Media Sponsor for the ORC.

So I thought I was going to get the biggest part of the kitchen revamp done this past Monday, but my supplies were stuck in the delivery “rabbit hole” and didn’t arrive in time, so that project was sidelined big time.

Plan B – I figured I would work on the bench seating and chairs in lieu of the original project. When I first decided to incorporate banquette seating in my kitchen, I wanted to use a rich mustard velvet to upholster the seat cushions and bench however, that was in conjunction with a collaboration with a brand and they asked me to showcase a print instead. That was fine because i absolutely love the fabric and it seems the IG Community loves it as well!

But it is time ladies and gentlemen – time for a change and I’m happy to say that I have made my banquette seating dreams come true!

I think you all deserve a little sneak peek👀

Even more importantly, I was able to do it for ZERO dollars because unbeknownst to me, I had enough fabric on hand from another project to cover four chairs, the bench seat and bench back!!!!

Unfortunately for me, this was AFTER I went out and found/purchased the perfect micro-suede velvet material 😦

Not to worry though, I have some chairs that I’m certain I can use the material on, so just a bit of a swivel in plans.

So that’s my tea for the week! Make sure you get back here next week, same place for some more fun updates!

Punch List:

Reupholster chairs and bench✔️

Countertop and backsplash

Install new cabinet hardware

Install new faucet

Install new light

Hang shelves

Decorate – the fun part 🙂

Big thank you to my wonderful sponsors!


Until next

Hugs and love!


ORC Week 2- The Vision

One Room Challenge – Week 2

Welcome back to Week 2 of the Fall One Room Challenge. I’m sure most if not all of you reading this are familiar with the ORC but if not, its a 8 week celebration ( NOT a competition) of creativity, inspiration, and original ideas. Its a great way for all participants to support each other and cheer one another on as we share the insane but always fun, process of transforming a room.

Big thanks go out to Linda for creating this amazing event as well as thanks to Better Homes and Gardens our Media Sponsor for the ORC.

Now, lets get to the meat of the post…………..Inspiration Board Reveal Week – this is where I share my vision for the space- the kitchen – with all you crazy kids.

So let me explain what’s happening here, as we know this kitchen transformation is heavy on the refresh and light (meaning not at all) on the remodel. There is normally a ton you can do to change any space and give it new life and a new feel with out a full remodel or gut job. That is the mission here people – Small Changes = Big Impact. As you can see we will swap out lighting, knobs and pulls, add some luxe with marble shelves and brass brackets, beautiful upgraded faucet for the sink and some floor fun with a new op art rug and some eye catching art and new(ish) storage.

There is one element of the room that is changing and that change is big but I’m keeping that under wraps for a few more weeks… I’m so mean right? LOL. I have to look for ways to keep you coming back so……by any means necessary 🙂

Punch List:

Reupholster chairs and bench

Countertop and backsplash

Install new cabinet hardware

Install new faucet

Install new light

Hang shelves

Decorate – the fun part 🙂

Well there you have it! Keep an eye out for my stories each week where I’ll also share room updates and my Instagram account will also have updates for you.

Now take a few more minutes and hop on over to see what all of the featured designers and guest participants have going on!

Until next time!

Hugs and love


ORC Week 1/2 – No Judgement

Hello instafam and thank you as always for hopping over and letting me talk your ear off visually! As you can see from the blog title, I’m a week late and a billion dollars short getting my Spring One Room Challenge post up and out to the masses (all 10 of you)

First, lets talk about this amazing event called the One Room Challenge – is a biannual event where 20 featured designers pick a room to design in the span of 8 weeks. In addition to the 20 featured designers, there are hundreds of guest participants ( like me) who hop on the design train and gut, revamp and/or refresh a room of their choice. Linda is the mastermind behind this fun filled event and we can’t thank her enough for keeping us all on track! Also have to give a big thank you to Better Homes and Gardens as they are this years official media sponsor of the ORC.

This is my sixth time participating in the ORC and although I planned to sit this round out, I got a spark under my you know what at the very last minute and signed up and here I am ~ hence no blog post for week one because I decided on my room at 7:30 am that morning. I know, brilliant idea right? NOT.

I’ve decided to tackle a closet that up until this point, has been serving as a home décor closet… meaning – I go buy things to decorate my home with but don’t use them right away so they go into that closet; OR I decide to switch out some décor items and the “older” items go into that closet. So basically it was a catchall for all things not being utilized – translation a wasted space.

The hubs and I thought it would be a good idea to actually use space in our home wisely ( genius right) and so we agreed that this closet would make a great pantry!!!!

I grew up with a pantry in our NYC apartment – almost unheard of I know- but I have missed having that little space to store unnecessary amounts of canned goods and dried foods and untold amounts of paper towels and toilet tissue.

Here is the closet of decor doom before ~

Why do the pictures always look so much worse than than the reality????

Here it is cleaned out ~

It’s actually pretty deep so I’m excited about it becoming a useful space!
Who puts a boob light in a closet?

Here is my mood board which is almost certainly going to change up a bit, but this is a good idea of the direction we’re going in for the space.

New flooring, paint, some wallpaper and a MUCH better light fixture….. for starters !

Trying to keep this one as simple and budget friendly as possible yet I think it will still quite a dramatic before and after and I’m so excited to be getting this done finally!

Okay, so pinky promise I will be on time and much more forthcoming with details of this makeover in the upcoming weeks friends.

Until next time

Hugs and love!


It’s Always About the Details

Most if not all of us are familiar with the adage – The Design is in the Details. Well I’m here to prove just how true that really is.

A lot of the time, there are areas of the home that go unnoticed or they don’t get a ton of love from the decor department. I think interior doors definitely a spot on that list; I know for a fact mine were – and for way too long.

At one point I did at least try and update the builder grade brass knobs by spray painting them all matte black. Truth be told, that fix held up better on some of the doors but definitely not all- you can see the chipped paint here

Although I did have a temporary, at best, fix, I’d spent a lot of time fan girling over these gorgeous Emtek knobs

I mean what’s not to love???

So when Emtek released their new Select Knob products and I just knew it was meant to be. There is so much to say about these pretties!

First – you can mix and match so many beautiful styles and finishes, your knob can easily be unique to your own home and style. Second – the quality of the knob is outstanding- they’re so heavy and made so well, I definitely think these will outlast the house lol!

I have a tried and true love for all things marble and brass, throw a little classic black in the mix and it’s pure perfection in my opinion!

Needless to say I was thrilled when I saw this very chic marble/brass combination .

I chose the Emtek Select Conical White Marble and paired it with the Wilshire Rosette in Satin Brass

You can see for yourself how great they look with either a white door or a beautiful black door.

You literally can’t get it wrong people!

Thank you so much Emtek for creating such high quality products! These have definitely elevated these interior doors and made them look and feel like a million bucks!

Until next time

Hugs and love


Spring Fling – Bedroom Refresh

Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons, always have been, always will be! Seeing as we are having the most perfect Springtime weather in my neck of the woods it seemed like the ideal time to do a mini refresh in the main bedroom. When I say mini, I mean minuscule however the vibe is perfection.

Some of you may be aware that I recently did our main bedroom for the Fall One Room Challenge so I wasn’t in need of a complete overhaul, but I enjoy making small updates from time to time. Needless to say I was super excited to join these talented ladies for Spring Fling bedroom Tour.

I love to change the bedding for instant updates and this duvet set from Crane and Canopy was a perfect way to create a new vibe in here. The bedding is so luxe and extremely soft, it definitely mimics an upscale, hotel quality and feel.

The thick black border is such a classic look and works with any style – perfect for me with my ever changing bedroom “accessories”.

I shopped my house for some throw pillows and thought these cintron velvet ones were a nice fresh color that would brighten up the bedding; and butterflies just scream spring – perfect combination.

Top it all off with some fresh flowers and there you have it – boutique hotel vibes for our warm days ahead.

My talented friends all have some pretty great bedroom updates as well so go take a look and maybe you’ll get some ideas you can use in your own space.

Camila| Kate| Ashley| Chelsea| Carmel| Jenna| Tasha| Yuni| Katrina

Until next time

Hugs and love!


Closet Chronicles

Hello friends, it’s been way too long but I’m back with quick but oh so good makeover for you to feast your eyes on. First off, this one has been long overdue but because it’s not a space that is out in the open, it was far too easy to ignore it – simply close the door and walk away. Thankfully my buddy Jewel organized a great group and we have all taken on the task to organize a small space in our homes. I chose my upstairs linen closet.

When I tell this project was NINE years overdue, I am not in any way exaggerating. When we moved in, I put everything away and probably didn’t edit the closet in over 8 years instead just continued to add to it. That my good friends is a recipe for design disaster lol! Now I will say I snapped the before pic on one of the worst days (you know it makes for a much more satisfying after) – however, it wasn’t that far off from what it normally looked like – and there is no shame in my game……….nada, zilch, NONEYA! Okay, enough of my chatter lets get to the reason you’re here today – let’s begin with a classic BEFORE pic-

The closet itself is a decent size and I had/have more than enough room for all that needs to be in here. There are actually three hallway closets, but this one is closest to the bathroom so, naturally, it became the “official” linen closet.

Here are some DURING pics-

I took every single item out of the closet and when it was all said and done, I think I donated about 4 bags and threw out about 3 bags of stuff that wasn’t salvageable (expired medicine/vitamins, old first aid items, old towels that were not going to be donated, etc.) That for me was the hardest part as organizing is not my gift – as long as I can find it, I’m usually okay lol! But I will tell you, it felt AMAZING to get all that extra stuff out of my home! Hopefully someone else can make use of one or two sets of the 97 curtain panels that I had in the closet – just in case I needed them again one day. ( I’m kidding, but it sure felt like 97 panels when I was going through it all lol)

Now, this is where the fun begins….after the closet was completely emptied out, including the shelves, I scrubbed the entire closet down and installed some fun contact paper to the back wall.

I also decided at the ninth hour to paint the baseboard on the inside of the closet with my favorite black paint, Velvet Finishes in the color Luxurious.

Then it was a time to find some nice, big baskets and bins to store all the items that made the final linen closet cut!

Now for the moment we’ve all been patiently waiting for – AFTER

Initially, I purchased 9 of these baskets in various sizes, but decided to only use 5 of them. I wanted to be sure I had everything I needed the first time around and I could always return what I didn’t use. I had room for all of the baskets in the closet but then that would defeat the purpose of the party paper on the back wall of the closet 🙂 I definitely wanted to be able to open that door and see that cool paper everyday.

What amazes me the most is that I still have more than what I need in this closet but look how much more spacious it looks! I really can’t get over it.

I scaled us all down to three sheet sets each. I have no idea why I had 7 white sheet sets for our main bedroom – that number was sadly not an exaggeration 😦

My guest room has a large chest of drawers that I keep extra towels in and the hubs and I have our extra towels, hand towels and washcloths in our bathroom, so technically, the only towels and such, that are in the linen closet are those for my two sequels ( kids) The laundry room it probably 10 steps away so they can just toss the towels in and keep a clean set on rotation.

Getting rid of all the unnecessary towels and sheets made a huge difference and gave me back a ton of space.

Being able to see everything helps so much; no excuse for running out of TP anymore lol!

These baskets are so good! They’re super sturdy and have those cool metal handles that are wrapped in a faux leather blending the traditional with the modern.

I am able to store two euro pillows in one of the baskets on the floor of the closet – that gives you an idea of the size. The other basket beside it, holds all of the extra bedding.

I always keep extra candles on hand.

All of the other baskets hold our toiletries, first aid items, two extra sets of towels ( clearly I have a thing for them), some extra lightbulbs and beach towels, candles and some household cleaning supplies.

So this project was originally set to go live this Wednesday but we pushed it back a day. What was I to do with an extra 24 hours ( yeah right – who really has an extra ANY hour ha!) – I used the gift of time to start another project that I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time…..

I’ve been wanting to paint all our interior doors black and so finally I was able to get the ball rolling on that one. So far I’ve only painted three of the 9 ( OMG) doors up here but I will get them all done soon enough.

I also painted the entire upstairs hallway in my favorite white – Sherwin Williams Snowbound~!!!! NO more beige walls!!!!!!!!

So while this project was 8 1/2 years overdue, it only took one weekend to let my linen closet live it’s best life! This is a great little project that can be quick, fun and cheap but oh so satisfying! Some of my instabuddy’s also have great organization projects that they’re sharing today so be sure and check them all out when you have a chance.


J’adore le Decor



Until next time

Hugs and love!


My Black is Beautiful

Hola amigos! This is my first post for 2021 and the goal here and for the rest of the year is to share more whilst not writing a short novel!

My Black is Beautiful is so true and it’s also true when referring to my go to black paint- Velvetfinishes in particular the color Luxurious.

I used this amazing paint when I revamped our bedside tables for my latest One Room Challenge.

Velvetfinishes- Luxurious (aptly described as the perfect natural black)

I was also able to sneak it into my recent laundry room zhushing and I just can’t get enough!

Every space needs a pop of black!
Painting the window frame with Velvetfinishes Luxurious really took the look of the room up a notch or two!

If you’re not already familiar with this paint it’s a game changer. 3 simple steps to a beautiful new hue : READY is a de-glosser which eliminates the need to sand down your surface; PAINT using your amazing color choice and then PROTECT – this is a “top coat” or sealant for your freshly painted project- and that’s it!! Done and done ✔️

Have I peaking your interest yet? Well if so the timing couldn’t be more perfect, I have a discount code for all my readers – TIFFANY15 and it’s good through February 11, 2021!

So go ahead and find something to paint, I guarantee you, you’ll be so pleased with your results!

Until next time

Hugs and love


– Crazy Beautiful – The Wonders of Wallpaper

Those are two word that for me, perfectly describe my latest wallpaper installation. I think by now, those of you who hang out with me on Instagram are well aware of my love for wallpaper and how a room can be transformed into a completely different space in a matter of 120 minutes.

When I decided to makeover our main bedroom for the Fall ORC, I knew immediately that if I were to use wallpaper that I definitely wanted to work with Milton & King for that portion of the project. We have used Milton & King in two of our rooms in the past and I’ve always been more than happy with my results.

This particular pattern was my initial choice for the accent wall however, I pivoted, (incorrectly I might add) and ordered a totally different pattern the first time around.

While I do love this pattern, it it’s such beautiful and timeless design, it didn’t work for the room.

While the runner up was a beautiful pattern, it wasn’t me! I can appreciate that something may very well be aesthetically pleasing to me, yet it is not what I want in my own personal space.

The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them”. – David Hicks

THIS is the wallpaper pattern that initially caught my attention and I could not get it out of my mind! We were obviously meant to live together.

Ramose Wallpaper by Simcox • Color original • Abstract Wallpaper • swatch
We were meant for each other!

While the pattern is very “busy” – it still has a sense of calmness.

The intensity of the color gradually fades as your eye travels upward.

I believe it is because of the transition in color – from dark to light as the pattern goes up, the abstract pattern appears less and less pronounced- giving you eyes a place to rest in a sense.

The mood that I wanted for the main bedroom was a sense of calmness, a place for us to sit back and relax after a long day at work or long days at play! But – it couldn’t be a “typical” or common design, because that is not my personality or style.

I’m so happy I went with my gut and ordered this gorgeous wallpaper.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_8676.jpg
It feels like a boutique hotel- charming and unique yet relaxing!

Three weeks of living with the wallpaper and I’m still finding myself stopping and just staring at it with awe! It really makes me smile.

Thanks again to my wallpaper sponsor for the Fall ORC Milton & King! It is always a pleasure

Until next time

Hugs and Love


Bedroom Retreat – One Room Challenge – Reveal

We did it! We made it to the final week(s) of the One Room Challenge and I for one am thrilled with the fruits of my labor. I will try not to overwrite – somewhat of another type of challenge for me – and aim to flood you with photos, because lets be real, that’s what you’re here for anyway.

The bedroom wasn’t terrible by any means and I had put some love into it as some point but it just didn’t have a feeling for me. I love walking into a room or space and having it evoke a sense of calm, excitement, mystery – ANYTHING! But this room was no longer doing that. So I set out to create a relaxing retreat for the big guy and myself. This became all the more important as my new work life ( working from home) seems to be semi permanent at best.

So here’s the room before we moved in…….

You can see it’s a pretty large room with great windows a ton of natural light. I love our bedroom so much.

Here is what the room looked like 6-7 weeks ago……..

It was pretty but no longer suited what I wanted in our main bedroom.

and here we are today………

A large part of having a bedroom that feels like a retreat is in the materials used – I knew from the jump start that all linen bedding would be the way to go!
This little reading nook has become one of my favorite parts of the room – I may have already taken a nap or two in this spot! This fun vase from HKLivingusa looks as if it were made for the room! I added my SmithHonig- pillow to the mix and it’s pure genius!

Here you can really get an up close and personal view of this stunning wallpaper that was so generously gifted to me by Milton & King. The abstract is fun and provides tons of detail, yet is not overpowering in its design. It’s a fun and funky kind of calm –

I love that the abstract pattern is so much fun; very detailed yet remains subtle and calm.
The details are the design.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to keep use lamps on the bedside tables at first, however as soon as I laid eyes on these beautiful sconces – I had my answer. They checked off all the boxes:

1- plug in ( a must as I didn’t want the hassle of wiring sconces )

2 – dimmable


As you can see below, the original table lamps have found a new home and I must say I really like them here. I happened upon these shades a few days ago and knew they would give the perfect amount of umph to the lamps. I like how the ribbing in the shade plays off of the ribbing design of the lamps.

This super long dresser from Restoration Hardware is an investment piece and I had no desire to replace it, however it was a dark brown and so used a gel stain in black to ensure cohesiveness with the rest of the furnishings in the room.
These beautiful marble tops were custom designed and cut to fit the nightstands .

The linen bedding is amazing! It’s so nice slipping into bed and feeling the warmth of the fabric. Linen keeps you cool in the summer/ warm in the winter – winning ALL year!

A fresh glass of lemon water is a great way to start the morning!

Can you believe this burl beauty sat in the corner for years in our room?!! I know the travesty of it all is too much to speak about. Well it is now front and center, as it should be; it was the perfect piece for the reading/ sitting nook.

So there you have it! I will be sure to flood your feeds the next few days with additional pictures and details on the room.

Big thanks to my wonderful sponsors for this room makeover; I was able to work with some of my favorites and the room is totally what I envisioned it could be because of the beautiful and quality products used.

I must again give Linda from Calling It Home a huge thank you and also thank you to this years ORC Media Partner – Better Homes & Gardens. Also make sure to head over to the One Room Challenge site and check out all the room reveals – there are some stunning rooms that you will absolutely want to see and read about.

Special thanks to:

Milton & King, Crystorama, Craftmade, Ruggable, SmithHonig

Until next time,

Hugs and love.


Bedroom Retreat One Room Challenge – Week 5

Hi friends! I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to have you all join me here at the Nest. We are well into our FIFTH week of the Fall One Room Challenge and I can’t believe we’re almost at the finish line. I’m so grateful that the challenge reveal date has been extended as I intend to use some of it to really tighten up my space. I have to take a moment to send a big thank you to Linda of Calling it Home for rounding us all up and getting us in gear to tackle our spaces in record time! in addition, big thank you also goes out to our Media Partner Better Homes & Gardens!

****Some of the items used were sponsored however, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own***

So this week I shared my beautiful wallpaper that has been sponsored by Milton & King in my stories. We completed installing it about an hour ago, hence my tardiness with this weeks post.

(okay that’s not the only reason, but I did want to share that with you all so I waited until it was complete.)

Here’s a sneak peek at it I don’t want to give away too much too soon!

I will share that this wallpaper was a breeze to install. I’ve worked with traditional wallpaper in the past ( paste ) as well as peel and stick, and they both have their pros and cons. Traditional is a bit more time consuming and one would think that the removal of this type of paper is pretty difficult. Peel and stick is literally like a big sticker and that makes for a faster install process, but it can also be tricky as the paper has a tendency to stick together (although that may just be a result of my inherent clumsiness) This particular paper was of traditional wall paper which means it’s pasted to my wall however it comes packaged with three panels per box.

I only needed four boxes to cover quite a large wall and the best part it I didn’t have to line up the design,( always the hardest part and results in a lot of waste!) There was a separation between each panel so I carefully cut each panel at that separation point and pasted to the wall!

Easy breezy , lemon squeezee!!!!!!

Here’s a sneak peek at my pretty wall now……………………….

This Ramose Wallpaper is a beautiful and vibrant, abstract. There is a subtle energy to the pattern that I really love; not in any way overwhelming yet still very interesting to look at.

These are the only tools needed for this project and it took us a total of two hours from start to finish and that’s only because my husband is a perfectionist ( insert eyes rolling to back of my head)

This week is sure to be an exciting one! So many beautiful new spaces to check out and I for one can’t wait to see all the fantastic designs. I have a bit more work to do on my space but I’m looking at the light at the end of the tunnel and that’s a great feeling!!! If you haven’t done so already, make sure you go check out all of the featured designers as well as all the guest participants week 5 updates!

Until next time

Hugs and love


Bedroom Retreat – One Room Challenge – Week 4

Hi friends! I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to have you all join me here at the Nest. We are upon our fourth week of this Falls One Room Challenge and I can’t believe we’re almost at the end of this fun filled adventure already. I have to take a moment to send a big thank you to Linda of Calling it Home for rounding us all up and getting us in gear to tackle our spaces in record time! in addition, big thank you to our Media Partner Better Homes & Gardens!

So…….here we go……..this past week was all about painting. I do not like to paint. I’ve said it many times and I will say it many more times I’m certain of that; however our main bedroom was wearing the same old tired yellowish-white wall color that it had been since the day the home was built.

The color wasn’t horrible but I really wanted to brighten the room up. While the room gets amazing light, I wanted creamy, bright white walls…so I went to my creamy white go to color – Snowbound by Sherwin Williams. It never disappoints and changes colors very subtlety during different parts of the day.

Okay,so not only do I not like to paint, I didn’t want to paint due to the fact that we have vaulted ceilings and I just was not, could not, would not take on that task.

We hired out and the person that painted did a great job and I’m very pleased. I would show you but the room is a literal war zone with having to still live in the space while redoing it simultaneously!!!!!!!! I’m trying not to go bonkers lol!

The wallpaper that we chose has come in and I am SO happy; it really is stunning! The plan is to get it installed for Week 5 as I’m so excited to share that with you all.

Here’s a reminder of the new color I’m using in the space!

I’m so excited to sleep on this bedding and when this is over I’m sure I’ll need a good nights rest 🤪

So there we have it. Not the most exciting update by any means but it’ll get better as the weeks come to a close.

But if you do want some exciting updates go check out all of the featured designers as well as all the guest participants; I’m certain that they all have some great ideas that are literally coming to life.!

Until next week

Hugs and love!


Bedroom Retreat – One Room Challenge – Week Three

Hey beautiful people!! Thank goodness you all came back this week, I’m so excited to have you here! And if this is your first week, big ole welcome to the nest to you😎

It’s already the halfway point for the One Room Challenge and I’m feeling a little behind. I usually do end up pulling up the rear so I should be used to this “feeling “ lol!

Before we get to my “discussion” about how I almost derailed my entire plan, I need to send a big thank you to Linda of Calling It Home for orchestrating this design gala and to our Media Partner- Better Homes & Gardens.

I mentioned last week how the nightstands for our bedroom makeover almost derailed the entire room….. well you want to hear a story? Here it goes. I knew going in that I wanted generously sized nightstands for the room. I found a GORGEOUS dresser however it was a little over 2K and obviously I’d need two of them so we’re talking about coughing up 4K on two items for the room. I ALMOST did it y’all! I had them in my cart and I almost pressed check out but I pulled myself back from the design ledge. Initiate Plan B! I didn’t want to hunt for another set of dressers that “looked” like the one I wanted for less money so instead I did what any sane person would do – I got to scrolling through FB Marketplace! The look I’m going for isn’t hard to replicate at all and I really enjoy projects like this one. Now finding a set of dressers was a little bit of a challenge but …. it’s not deemed the one room challenge for no reason 😆

I found these and immediately knew that with a little elbow grease I could make these beautiful!

I was so thrilled to score these that I drove 1.45 minutes to get them!

So here is where I always mess up on marketplace, even after I find what I’m looking for something, I keep browsing and since I keep browsing I keep finding the ONE over and over again!


So a few weeks later these two pop in to my feed and of course I MUST have them!

I mean why not? ( why not? well for one, there is a perfectly good set sitting in the garage right now Tiffany)

I loved the lines and the hardware on these two. I also liked that they weren’t a matching set, a bit of variation in the front design.

So you think that’s where the story ends right? I mean it’s where the story should end…….but I kept scrolling ya’ll -I can’t with my own self some days.

I saw these at an upcoming estate sale!

laid down half for them to hold off anyone else with an eye for design and took a 1.45 ride to another state one sunny Saturday afternoon! I was sooooo happy with this set! these were IT, I was done, I found what I needed and the scrolling stopped – finally.

Unfortunately, they did not work with my plans for the room. I kept staring at my mood board hoping to see where and how I could make them work, but I just could not see it – these bedside dressers/ cabinets were not the ONE(s) after all.

It’s all good though because I am the crazy that I am, I had two back up sets lol! You have to wait for the big reveal to see which set I finally settled on for the room 🙂

Thanks for reading my mini novel!

We’re at the halfway point and things are getting pretty serious! I’m sure you want to see for yourselves! Please go check out all of the featured designers progress for this third week as well as the guest participants.


Bedroom Retreat-One Room Challenge- Fall 2020 Week 2


Good day, good friends! I’m thrilled to be back here with you all and even happier that you’ve chosen to return. We’re well into our second with of the whirlwind of design fun, better known as the One Room Challenge.Linda is the mastermind behind this extravaganza and I can’t thank her enough for getting us all together for six fun filled weeks of decor, design, remodeling, etc……We must also take a moment and thank this years media partner Better Homes and Gardens for hanging out with us as well!

This week I get to show you my semi-final mood board. I still have a few details that I have to finalize but the general idea is in place and this my friends is a milestone moment for me! See as we all know, I usually fly by the seat of my pants but I wanted to be a lot more intentional with this room as it’s our main bedroom. I also had to take into consideration that I actually share it with another human and said human should enjoy his bedroom as much as I do 🙂

So lets get into it shall we:

So basically, both rooms are identical with the exception of the bedding – I’m trying to decide which color I prefer. I already have one duvet and I’m waiting on the delivery for the second one. Once that arrives I can forge forward! Also, I may or may not use that amazing floor lamp; I’ll have to see it all together and then make that call.

The long black dresser that’s on the first board is currently the below finish. This dresser/sideboard is from Restoration Hardware so I think it’s safe to say I’m as married to this piece of furniture as I am to my actual husband – BOTH will stay in the room lol!!!

However to give it a more cohesive look, I plan to stain it black and change the finish on the hardware so that it mirrors the one below. I have yet to “discuss” this project with the hubster. I’m leaning really far into just doing it and talking about it later –hehe!

I also have two nightstands that I will be painting, but that is a discussion for next week! I will tell you how they almost derailed my entire vision!

Please go check out all of the featured designers progress for this second week as well as the guest participants. Everyone is in the trenches now and it’s only going to get better from here on out!

So that’s all folks! Can’t wait to catch up with you again next week. Hopefully I’ll have some actual progress shots for you by then. Until then…

Hugs and Love!


It’s a Colorful Life Fall Home Tour – 2020

Well hello and how are you? If you made it here by way of Kate, thank you so much for joining me; so happy to have you here with me today. If this is your first time over at the Nest, welcome! Thanks so much to Jennifer and Jewel for inviting me back for this It’s a Colorful Life -Fall Home Tour. I’m so excited to be here with all these lovely ladies.

I normally don’t decorate for the seasons but this year I did leave a few “droplets” of Fall decor around the house this and I want to share my sprinkles with you all today.

Front Porch

Let’s start with the front door…..I did go a bit overboard here with the floral’s but I could not resist the fresh smell of the eucalyptus.

I also replaced the rug out front with this cool leather woven one. I love the muted colors and thought it was a nice subtle nod to the cooler seasons.

Living Room/Dining Room

You may have seen these two spaces on IG quite a bit lately as both were rooms done for the Spring One Room Challenge. The Dining Room in particular, was a part of fun collaboration with SmithHonig last month.

Both of these rooms were labors of love and they I’m happy to say that they now serve as my muses for my ever changing decor and accessories!

I really look forward to the time when I can have dinner parties and weekend brunch again….I’m 100% ready for it!

Young “Adults” Lounge

Due to the current state of affairs – my two youngest “kids” are attending school virtually. Seeing as that would mean them spending much more time than normal at home, in particular in their rooms, I wanted to give them both a small makeover of sorts.

My son’s room is still in the process of being completed….. (okay – we have yet to even begin)

However, my daughters room was completed a few weeks ago.

I think the combination of warm caramel and navy is so lovely and quite cozy. She’s very happy with her updated space and that makes mama happy too!

Fall Dining Al Fresco

I was DETERMINED to bring our outdoor space up to standards before the winter weather set in for good around these parts.

My husband extended our small cement pad this summer and I commenced my relentless hunt for outdoor furnishings – but Covid! Everything that I wanted AND worked within my budget was sold out – most items weren’t going to be restocked until November/December at the earliest! Ughhh

It took months literally for me to find a table for 8 ( I really wanted a table for 10-12 and I will have that next summer by any means necessary!) I was able to score 6 great modern and metal, outdoor chairs from one a IG buddy and these wonderful big comfy chairs from Christmas Tree Shops.

The wicker chairs were two different colors but that wasn’t an issue for at all. Changing a piece of furniture or a decor item, is an easy fix as long as I’m armed with a few cans of spray paint!

Coffee Table and Kitchen Banquet

So in both these spaces I simply added some floral’s and a few decor items and called it Fall! I think its says what it needs to without being overwhelming.

Add a few decorative pieces and voila!

Thanks to everyone who came along for the tour; it’s been a blast! If you enjoyed this tour then you’ll definitely want to check out Caramel of Our Fifth House along with all the other bloggers from today’s blog hop – click on the links below! Grab your pumpkin drinks and a cozy throw and lets take a few tours together. Full disclosure – I will grab a throw but I have to nix the pumpkin drink – sorry y’all LOL!

Did I mention that this time around, we also want to see what beauty you’ve created in your own home for the Fall season? YES! You can also participate; just use the hashtag #ItsaColorfulLifeTour on your Instagram feed post during the week of Oct 12-17th so we can have a peek at your pads! On Friday each blogger from this weeks It’s a Colorful Life Home Tour – Fall will feature a few of their favorites in our IG stories.

Can’t wait to see you all on Friday until then,

Hugs and Love!

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New Year New Room – Entryway REVEAL!!🪞

We did it and thank you so much for following along these past few weeks! Big shout out to Stephanie-Casawatkinsliving for including me in this fun group challenge.

If you recall a month ago we set out to refresh our entryway- it was in dire need of a makeover. This post will prove my point……..

The entry or foyer is the way in which a home welcomes its guest; it’s the first impression that your visitors will get so you want make sure you dress to impress 💁🏾‍♀️💁🏾‍♀️

Let’s take a quick trip -BEFORE

Now – Can we get to the good part😉

The area in our home is a two story situation so that posed a bit of a challenge when it came to switching out our chandelier.

I think the husband was a little hesitant to do this himself so we called for quotes from a few electricians – over $1K was one that we received- that’s a hard NO for me! Needless to say honey bunches of “oats” came to the rescue and installed this fixture himself 👏🏾👏🏾 Thanks babe ☺️

Signature Hardware light fixture is a real beauty
Lolori Rugs

Nothing says welcome like a bold and beautiful rug! This masterpiece from Lolori Rugs is amazing! The colors are stunning and I love that it’s soft and plush but does not interfere with the door opening and closing smoothly. It’s perfect if I say so myself.

The real talking point in this space is hands down this abstract wallpaper from Spoonflower– designed by Danika Herrick

I always planned on wallpapering to frame out the door but wasn’t quite sold on any patterns that I’d seen – but when I saw this one yup it was a done deal! Classic black and white but funky just like I like it!

Okay I’ll stop telling and just start showing now … here you go peeps

Clare Paint- Blackest is the perfect black
Knobs by Signature Hardware

Again thank you so much for hanging with us and make sure you check out the other bloggers beautiful rooms!

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New Year New Room – Plan In Motion

Hello my friends; I’m so excited to have you back here for our third week of the New Year New Room Challenge. Let me start out by giving a big thank you to Stephanie of Casawatkingsliving for coordinating this fun challenge – Thanks Steph!!!

This week was not nearly as productive as I’d hoped it would be. Between work and feeling a bit under the weather, I didn’t get anything done that was on the entryway to do list 😭😭

But…… I did get a few fun deliveries and more goodies are on the way. One of the most important parts of the entry is lighting and I toggled back and forth between a few but this beauty from Signature Hardware was undeniably the winner

I love the juxtaposition of the traditional style of the chandelier but the aged brass finish gives it an edgy vibe that I’m loving.

The husband and I have a busy few days ahead of us as we need to install that gorgeous fixture and get the remainder of the walls in the foyer painted along with the doors and touch up on the railings – oh mylanta 😳😳!!!

Can we do it? Yes we can!!

Thanks again for checking in and be sure to take a peek at the other ladies- they’ve been super busy these past few days.

Casa Watkins Living // Delineate Your Dwelling // Domicile 37 // House by Hoff // Iris Nacole // JZ Holmes // Live Pretty On A Penny // Love Your Abode // My Eclectic Nest // Our Fifth House // This Is Our Bliss // Up To Date Interiors

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