Beautiful Beige

Hi friends! I'm back with yet another update that is actually being documented in written format! I know right?!!!! Amazing and new concept. Anyhoo, do any of you have a room in your home that serves the basic purpose that it was intended for, but it does not really serve you? Meaning, you can use it but it does not spark any [...]


Come on in!

Welcome to the Eclecticnest5! We're so happy you stopped by today. I have to say getting a blog post up, when it's NOT One Room Challenge season, is a modern day miracle for me! As much as I do around my home, I just never remember or have the time, (or really just remember), to write [...]

Long Live Summer Time

Hola mi amigos! Not sure if I'm making a major blogger faux pas with this post, but I do like to live on the edge, so here we go. The below post is from LAST summer.......yes my friends, I wrote it and edited and just never posted. Why? I have absolutely no idea why, but [...]

Spring One Room Challenge – Week 2 – So What’s The Plan?

Here we are people, week 2 of the One Room Challenge. First and foremost, lets give a nice big thank you to Linda from Calling it Home for orchestrating the décor champion of challenges! We must also thank our Media Partner, Better Homes and Gardens for being a part of this amazing challenge. What I love most about the [...]

Spring 19’One Room Challenge- Week 1 – Cleaning Things Up!

I don't know about you, but I'm beyond thrilled that winter has come and gone and Spring is upon us! It's one of my favorite seasons as everything seem so fresh and new again. Speaking of fresh and new, the Spring One Room Challenge is also upon us and for the next six weeks, we [...]

Here She is: New Year New Room Challenge Reveal

Hello and how are you? Thanks so much for hopping over; your visit is most appreciated 🙂 So let's get down to the business and the reason you're here. Last Tuesday 8 bloggers revealed their newly refreshed spaces for the NYNR challenge hosted by the lovely Stephanie of casawatkinsblog. She is the mastermind behind this [...]