Well here we are! We have arrived at the final week of this Falls ONE ROOM CHALLENGE!!! Granted some if us [a/k/a ME], have arrived a bit later than most, I am here y'all!!! Before I go any further, I have to remind you all to stop over and feel free to fall into the [...]


Week 2 One Room Challenge – the Challenge Begins!

  Good afternoon and happy Funday Sunday to ya! Yup, I'm here with my LATE One Room Challenge post for week 2........ as we're literally on the cusp of week THREE!!!  Please stop judging me, it's impolite 😩😂 A little background about the ORC; twice a year hundreds of interior decor enthusiast set out to [...]

Indonesian Escape

Hi friends!! You all know I'm a part-time blogger and hence don't have regular post for reading. I do intend to remedy that in the near future........near, distant future but ......you get my drift. Anyhoo, I couldn't let this opportunity to share a hidden gem with my blog family slip away so here we are! [...]